The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 4


Thus, we return to the world that we know with its atoms combining due to gravity to form all that we see, all that seems to exist.
But we have got no further in solving the mystery of why gravity as we “observe” it seems to be a thin force, barely noticeable once atoms have combined to form an object and yet if we look into a single atom gravity seems to be much stronger and, although still invisible, appears to be much thicker. Of course, we understand that this force is invisible no matter how it manifests itself, and this thinness or thickness is just a way of describing the force, either weak or strong.

People that study atoms have noticed this and have described the force as weak or strong depending on the service it performs.
So, something is not only creating gravity but is able to manipulate it to provide a force that can vary in intensity according to the use required.
We assume it must be the incredible Archangels who work directly for God that create this and must have a very good reason for ranging this force or, we further assume, knowing them to be of incredible intelligence they would not waste energy in so doing.

Therefore, if this force with all its variations has been created it should be possible to find out the “secret” as everything created is using physics in one form or another.
There is no magic involved, it is just a case of understanding the physics involved.

So, we notice that the larger the object seems to be the weaker the gravitational force used upon it.
By which we mean that a planet the size of the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn for example can be held in Orbit around the sun by an extremely weak gravitational quantity but the interior of a miniscule atom contains a great deal of gravity.
This would seem to be the opposite of what logic would indicate.
Any common sense would suggest that to keep huge planets whirling around in space nevertheless in a certain proximity to the sun would require an enormous quantity of gravity where as a tiny atom would require very little gravity to keep it all in place.
Indeed, logic would suggest that the further the planet was from the sun, the greater the gravitational force that would be required to keep it in orbit and to stop it flying off out into the cosmos.
Clearly there is an aspect of gravity, of life that we haven’t understood.
So, our task is to try to comprehend this strange force.
Once again, we turn to our colleagues much more evolved than us and they provide us with answers, as far as they, themselves, understand.

We are told that gravity is part of the fundamental building system of creation, part of the system that was created long ago when the 8 dimensions were made.
We know that these dimensions are vibrations, of variations of star light, the force of God itself.
If we take just one dimension, we understand that a dimension is not just one frequency. It is a band of frequencies. Although it is actually quite impossible to know the frequencies involved, let us use a knowledge of frequencies as used on Earth and say that any dimension is composed of a band of related frequencies rising from, say, one Hertz to one hundred Hertz. We want you to clearly understand that what we say is merely to explain in simple terms and has no basis in any reality.
So, let us imagine that what we call a dimension is created of a vibration of one Hertz (one cycle per second) crossing the void that is part of creation.
Next to it is another vibration of two Hertz and next to that is another of three Hertz and so on up to one hundred. These hundred different vibrations constitute what we call a dimension.
Something must be constructed – invented – to hold these hundred, disparate frequencies together as one band to constitute a dimension or they would just be different frequencies floating about with no connection, one to another.
But they must be held together to make a composite whole that we refer to as a dimension.
In a way they must be “glued” together.
This glue is what we call gravity and was invented by the Archangels to keep the frequencies together as a composite construction.

So, we have a number of frequencies, each one different from another and each one held close to each other by some glue that we call gravity and each one constitutes, collectively, what is referred to as a dimension.

Now, there are two versions of this glue (gravity). There is a version that holds each frequency connected to the others and then there is a second type of gravity that envelopes all of the frequencies, combined, and encases them in a sort of protective sheath.
We will explain this again as, to understand gravity, it is necessary to understand this aspect of it.
We will explain in a slightly different way.

Imagine, if you will, a group of wires put together for some purpose; to pass electricity of different powers, to pass independent telephone conversations or whatever.
Imagine a long series of wires, each one serving a common but unique purpose placed one next to the other. Imagine each wired glued to the next, or encased in some material to hold them together as is found in “Ribbon Cable” or something similar. The glue or material holding them, insulated one from another, but connected together we refer to as one type of gravity.
But then imagine a protective coating placed outside of the group of wires to keep all the wires grouped as one band of wires, of frequencies.

So, what we call a dimension is a large series of frequencies, of vibrations, each one independent from the others but held together as one band and then, covering the whole lot of frequencies, a coating that groups all of these frequencies together so that they will never become confused with any other frequencies.
The independent frequencies are grouped by one type of gravity and the external coating is a second type of gravity.

The questions are, of course, why should there be two types of gravity and what roles do they play in life?

As always, there is the simple answer and the more complicated one.

The weak form of gravity is the one that holds the individual strands – vibrations – linked, one next to the other and the strong one is the gravity that holds all the different frequencies bundled together to create a dimension.
We think that, if we go on with our analogy of a number of wires glued one next to another, we can see that we would not need a very powerful glue to hold them in place but that it would be a great advantage to have all these strands protected together so that no one strand could ever become detached from the whole group. A strong gravity.
Thus, we have these two types of gravity.
But what has that to do with “real” life, with planets orbiting the sun and the interior of a miniscule atom?

Everything is made of vibration but everything has a unique vibration.

Now, the sun is vibrating at a particular frequency and each and every planet vibrates to a particular, unique vibration.
To take the case of planet Earth, for instance, it vibrates to a unique vibration different from any other planet anywhere in creation. Everything is doing the same (vibrating to its own vibration or frequency).

But the planet is made of atoms. It is important that each atom is kept together in a bond almost unbreakable. To create an atom which, when there is enough of them, creates an object, each atom needs to maintain at all costs its integrity. Should the molecules that link together to form an atom lose that integrity and the atom fall apart, or split, as it is called, the result could be catastrophic. We see the result in nuclear explosions where a vast amount of highly dangerous radioactivity is released or again, in a certain collider, where atoms are forced apart in a very crude fashion on the pretext of observing the dawns of time.
As all atoms contain auras which, themselves are glued to the molecule and to the atom itself by gravity, to rip them apart not only creates damage on Earth but does so in other dimensions as a knock-on effect occurs throughout the auras connected to an atom. Auras being just another word for dimensions, so when atoms are damaged, dimensions are also.

In order for an atom to maintain its integrity, the strong glue or gravity is used. However, atoms vibrate to the quiescent frequency of that atom and also to the frequency of the object they create.

We break off here to say that it seems unlikely that anything could vibrate to two separate but related frequencies at the same time but we will explain at some point in this book. Atoms and how they combine to create objects are far more complicated than science has yet discovered so we will need to explain carefully and now is not the moment to begin that discussion.

So, we have an atom that requires to vibrate freely but, at the same time, needs to be always linked to all the other atoms that combine to constitute and object.
Thus, the weak gravitational force is used that permits a certain degree of elasticity enabling each atom to vibrate at the requested frequency.
But the interior of each atom is held in a firm grip to maintain its integrity. Thus, strong gravity is used inside each atom and weak gravity is used to link each atom to the next one, enabling each atom to vibrate or swing about but remain within the formed object.

Therefore, if we imagine a ball, for instance, a solid ball. There are countless atoms, held as an atom by a strong gravity, but each atom free to vibrate but locked to all the other atoms by a weak gravitational force.

However, the exterior of the ball is coated, if we may thus describe it, by a strong gravitational field that maintains the ball as a solid spherical object.

To explain again, a solid ball is made of atoms. Within each atom are a number of molecules. These molecules are kept within the atom by a strong gravitational force. Thus, we might visualize each atom as a tiny ball. This is not actually true and just used as an example.
Then each atom is able to have a certain space around it so that it can vibrate (swing about).
We have countless atoms, each one swinging in all directions but held together and apart by a weak gravitational force.
Finally, in order for the ball to retain its integrity as a ball, a strong gravitational field envelopes the ball and thus it retains its shape and we observe a ball

We do not see the ball vibrating, pulsing to the frequency of the dimension in which it is placed because we too are in that dimension, thus are vibrating at the same frequency as the ball.
Nor can we observe or measure the individual atoms, each one vibrating or swinging in its own tiny space. We just see a ball. It appears solid to our eyes and to the touch but science knows that all objects are mainly empty space. This is the space required for each atom to swing freely with sufficient space so that no two atoms touch. If they did, unfortunate effects would occur as has been noted in the Hadron Collider where they so unwisely are deliberately causing atoms to smash into each other.
This act is a violation of nature and should never be performed.
If it were not for the fact that the scientists have had the wisdom (if one can call it that) to contain the effects within a limited space by enormous electromagnets, which are a form of gravity, the knock on effect in all dimensions would be catastrophic.
We do not criticize the motives of these scientists nor do we question their true motives, but we are grateful that there are advanced beings from a number of dimensions that have been attracted to that area and monitor the experiments ready to step in if things should get out of hand and take steps to limit the damage.
Free will requires that science must experiment but science will not be allowed to cause incredible harm to the world and to all the dimensions.
It is most unwise to tamper with nature unless one has sufficient knowledge to understand the physics involved and the limits to which one should push experiments.
Life is both complicated and for a strange reason, the more one seems to examine the micro aspects of it, the more each atom or element seems to contain immense power.
It is as if the secrets contained in the most fundamental aspects of life were designed to remain locked away from prying eyes – unless and until the moment would arrive when man was ready to understand these building blocks.
We strongly feel that God’s Archangels would never wish for anything to remain secret permanently, but we do realise that man has to grow both intellectually and spiritually before he is ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the creative powers and wonders in the glory of creation revealed to him.

But we were examining gravity and came to the conclusion that there were two types of gravity, strong and weak.
We could, we suppose, question why gravity exists at all but even the most curious of us must realise that gravity works in conjunction with the first – or one of the first – laws of the universe, like attracts like, the law of mutual attraction.
We realize that if it were not for this simple rule, things being drawn together that, over time, has formed all that is, nothing as we know it would exist.
We further can easily see that the Archangels, who constructed everything according to God’s prime desire, created gravity as a means of drawing matter together.

So, gravity is a spiritual law that has been transformed in a sort of physical force that works to keep all material things in their place. We further realize through the crude experiments conducted by unwise people that somewhere in this combination – matter and gravity – is contained an immense force that can be so destructive if released in haphazard fashion.

We realize that the aim of this book was to examine the strange reality that we had discovered and that we started to describe earlier.
But we feel that it is, perhaps, time to try to get to grips with just what gravity is and we hope that you will excuse us if we take a few pages to try to explain what we know about gravity as it is very important to the immediate future here on Earth as man starts to learn how to manipulate gravity in his attempts to create flying craft known as flying saucers, using antigravity techniques, and also we hope an understanding of gravity will help us explore the aforementioned galaxy in a different reality that we had discovered.
We hope that our understanding of gravity will help us forge a link between that world and ours.

So, gravity, as we mentioned is a spiritual force connected to our reality.
Let us explain just what we mean by spiritual. This is where words do not exist to explain a force that is both created by God’s Archangels, but at the same time will be, one day, measurable using physics.
We could say that gravity is a non-physical force, which is a term that we have used before when trying to describe something that existed in non-corporeal sense.
Yet even this is not true.
Gravity might well exist as a non-physical force but it’s effects are very physical indeed, operating ceaselessly on every atom, every molecule contains within every atom without end.
So, we will try to note on paper what we know about gravity so far – and it is not much.
1. Gravity was invented – created – by God’s Archangels so as to draw matter together according to the law of mutual attraction. Thus, it is what we call a spiritual concept.
2. Gravity has a form of physical reality in that it’s effects on matter is real, keeping all things in their place. It will one day be measured when man has invented tools able to reach out into areas beyond known physics.
3. There are two forms of gravity, strong and weak, although we have not yet discovered how any object knows which form of gravity it requires.

That, in a nutshell is about all we know concerning gravity up till this point. Anything else anyone could add to those three statements would just be variations of those three things.
However, let us not be dismayed by this apparent mystery concerning gravity.
We understand that if man so far has not yet uncovered much about gravity and yet we see visitors from other areas whizzing through both the sky and through dimensions with apparent nonchalance, they must have understood gravity sufficiently to master it and to nullify its effects.

Actually, all this concerning alien visitors gives us some clues concerning gravity.
If it is true that what we call aliens come from places that we have not yet visited, they are probably coming from areas that we call dimensions, either from another part of our dimensions or from dimensions we might refer to as alternative realities.
We just break off at this point for a moment to state, not for the first time, that there is no life as we might describe it on the surface of any planet, at least in our galaxy.
All the stories of alien life coming from galaxies light years away, are stories made up either by Earth scientists wishing to pull the wool over your eyes, or by the aliens themselves wishing to do the same or by people’s imagination. All non-terrestrial life comes from dimensions which are many, varied and virtually unknown to the general public.
One can see why aliens and the secret governments who interact with these aliens find it easy to let people think that life exists on other planets than have to start quite complicated physics lessons to the public in an attempt to explain dimensions.
Also, it must be said that it has been easier to deny alien visitation by stating that even at the speed of light it would take impossibly long periods of time for aliens to get here. This reassures the public who would naturally be frightened of unknown beings suddenly appearing amongst us.
For some reason, the idea of beings from dimensions invisible to us seems frightening. The Bible and other religious texts has gone to great lengths to put into people’s minds that there are only two forces – God and the Devil. If anything lives in an invisible area, it must be the devil or his acolytes.
However, we hope that you who have followed our teachings thus far can appreciate that life is not always so simple: Black and/or white, good or evil.
Most things are shades of grey.

Let us return to the subject of gravity and see if we can uncover some of the grey areas that remain to be discovered.
One area we might look at is the area or subject of two types of gravity.
With most things, they are seldom one or the other. There are usually shades in between.
People are not either strong or weak. There are degrees of strength. Materials are not strong or weak. There are always materials in stages between strong and weak.
So, it is possible that there are degrees of strength concerning gravity and, if so, can we find out these degrees and describe them?

Well, we can cut a long story short and tell you that there are. People in the heavenly spheres have studied gravity for a long time and, although they have not yet managed to discover all the answers, have answered some of the questions.
We apologise for the somewhat childish manner in which we have described gravity but it is a subject not at all easy to describe and we felt that we should describe gravity in as easy to understand manner as possible so that all could comprehend.

We were discussing gravity and trying to find out if there were shades of strength. We stated that there were.
Actually, gravity was mentioned in the first book we gave you (Stairway to Freedom) and we did explain somewhat but, for those who have not read that book we will describe again.

What we are going to state, you will have to take on trust, because we can present no proof to you of what we are going to describe. Science has not yet invented the tools to measure what we are going to tell you.
And it is this.
Atoms are not the fixed quantities we imagine. Or rather it is the gravitational force surrounding atoms that is not fixed.
We have mentioned in another book that atoms are created each one for a specific use.
We told you that, of all the atoms surrounding a person, only those atoms that would contribute to that person’s growth, health or ability to survive would be attached to him.
That is because those atoms would be endowed with the same vibrational frequency as that person.
All other atoms would have other vibrations corresponding to the frequency of other things, animal, vegetable, or mineral and would only be attracted to that person, animal or object. All other atoms would remain floating in space until called in to assist some person, animal or object.
So, can you see that all the countless atoms in creation, each and every atom is stamped with a unique frequency corresponding, uniquely, to something or someone. Each atom, regardless of whether it be made into Oxygen, Hydrogen, or whatever, has a unique destiny. Thus, of all the atoms of, say Oxygen, floating in space, only those corresponding to your frequency will be drawn to you.
This is an amazing fact that we described in an earlier book and has, no doubt, been largely ignored by people who have other things on their minds rather than to worry about atoms.
But we wish to state something else that we have already mentioned in this first book.
Not only has each atom a stamp that tells it that it is reserved for you, just to use “you” as an example, but each atom, or should we say the gravitational force, is adjusted to conform to your requirements.
The same is for all things. Thus, the atoms that constitute a stone, for example, have a greater gravitational force than similar atoms that go into making a feather or a bone of a bird.
A stone needs to be heavy to provide the weight (mass) of a planet and thus requires the atoms to be heavier than the same atoms that make up a bird.
Conversely, the atoms which constitute a bird have much less gravity than those of a stone so that the bird can fly.
We wish to convey to you that, with regard to atoms or the various elements that combine to create an atom it is not the quantity of elements contained in an atom that contribute to its weight (mass), it is the gravitational field surrounding the atoms that give it its apparent mass.
Each atom has a gravitational field that is carefully calculated and adjusted to correspond to the use to which each atom is put.
So, as we said, a stone appears to be heavier than a bird’s feather.
A question has sprung up regarding the concept that, in a vacuum, a hammer would fall to Earth at the same velocity as a feather. It was demonstrated when man went to the moon. We will only say that this was a conjurer’s trick set up to give the impression that the astronauts were on the moon at that time.
Gravity is quite independent of space. Therefore, it is true that the gravitational attraction between a feather and planet Earth can be affected by the aerodynamic form of the feather – an effect that would be nullified in a vacuum – but it would be the force that a hammer would hit the ground compared to a feather that denotes the gravitational attraction between planet Earth and any objects falling towards it.
The magnetic pull between a hammer and the Earth, the result of a large amount of gravity contained within or rather around each atom of the hammer would cause it to strike the Earth with a considerable force compared to a feather that would scarcely make a mark.
This gravitational force relevant to all things is calculated by our now familiar friends, the Archangels that work for the God force, ably aided by the Directors of Life.

There is a further aspect of gravity that we must consider, and that is the elastic band effect.
It has been noted that if a hammer were dropped from a very short distance from the surface of the Earth – or from someone’s feet – it does not drop with much force but, if the same hammer was dropped from a considerable height it would strike Earth – or someone’s foot – with a great force, resulting in a dent in the Earth or several squashed toes!
We must question why this should be?
The answer is that gravity is not a constant effect.
It acts as if it were alive and sentient, which, of course, it is. All things are alive including a hammer and gravity.
Life can take many forms.

The atoms that constitute a hammer were originally from Earth – iron ore. So that gravitational field that surrounds each atom of the iron ore, and its various other Earthly minerals, would have been given great strength so that the iron ore can constitute part of the mass of Earth, the foundation of life to incarnate to. So, iron ore always retains its apparent heaviness.
Here is the amazing part.
If we take a piece of iron ore up into the sky, although the piece of iron ore itself does not alter in weight, the attractive force between the Earth and a piece of it that has been detached (the iron ore) increases.
The easiest way to imagine this is to visualize an elastic band that, as you stretch it, the resistance grows more and more. That, of course, is the concept behind a catapult that projects a stone a considerable distance before the stone falls to Earth.
So, a hammer taken into the sky falls, not at a linear speed but at an ever increasing speed as the increased gravitational pull between Earth and the hammer tugs it back to its home, Earth.
There is a limit to the elastic band effect as the apparent gravity only stretches so far.
We should explain this.

Archangels never waste energy, so when they calculate the amount of attractive force, called gravity, that is required for any atom that will, at some stage, constitute a “something” whatever that something might be, they endow each and every atom with sufficient gravity for it to accomplish its task successfully.
In the case of the iron ore that was used to create a hammer in the example that we mentioned earlier, sufficient gravitational force was put around the atoms constituting that piece of iron ore, for it to become an integral part of planet Earth and, a small extra reserve in case it should become detached as in the case of the hammer being taken in the air.
But, eventually, the attractive force, gravity, between the Earth and that pierce of iron ore becomes too separated and the link is lost. Then that piece of iron ore (or a hammer) would float in space having lost all its connection to its home planet Earth.
We should also state that it will never be attracted to anything – a passing asteroid, a UFO or whatever – as the attractive force only applies to Earth.

But we notice, if we look at our galaxy, a number of planets, most of them orbiting the Sun.
We need to describe the forces keeping them all in place.

As we have mentioned, each and every molecule that constitutes each and every atom has a unique force connected to it that “tells” it to what object, person, planet, rock, animal, it is destined to assist or become associated with.
This is an extraordinary statement to make and we do understand that there will be many unable to accept this.
However, as the phrase goes, we will say that this is physics and, long years into the future, man will evolve and develop instruments capable of working in both physical and spiritual dimensions (there is only spiritual in the sense of non-physical) so there will be a joining of the two aspects and instruments capable of quantifying such matters will be developed.
Then what we tell you now will become scientific fact.
For the moment, accept, if you can, what we tell you so that we can take our explanations on.
We were discussing the sun and the various planets.

Now, if we step back and look at all the life forms on planet Earth and consider the mass of atoms, each one exclusively linked to each one of those life forms and, within each atom, a series of molecules, each one also exclusively designed to assist each and every life form, we can see that planet Earth has a myriad of disparate forces floating about or contained in association with all these life forms.

So, that would imply that the planet Earth would not have a unique identity but would be the result of this hodge podge of countless identities.

But we have a suspicion that, in order for planet Earth to be held in the grip of the sun through gravity, a unique force should be emitted either by the sun or by the Earth or by both to create that bond.
This is exactly what happens.

The Earth, like all things, is alive – that is all there is in existence (life) – and so it, too, like all things is made of atoms each atom containing molecules and each one of these atoms has a stamp that tells it that it is destined to be part of the planet Earth.
Planet Earth is huge in relation to any other object living on or in it and so the number of atoms that contain the stamp corresponding to Earth is much greater than the number of atoms that constitute even the largest of creatures.

So, we have planet Earth glowing (if we can thus describe) with its own unique frequency, broadcasting out into space its signature thanks to its gravitational signal.
This signature is largely composed of weak gravity although we will state that like all things, including the imaginary ball we mentioned earlier, there is a strong gravitational field surrounding the Earth attempting to keep its integrity complete.
It is this gravitational force field that stops rocks from flying off into space as the planet dashes around the sun.

Have you ever thought about the speed that the Earth is hurtling through space?
If you take the trouble to measure how far the planet Earth is from the sun and calculate the distance it travels in a year to complete its orbit of the sun and translate that into speed, you would find it an astonishing velocity.
Add to that, that the planet is also spinning and connect that to your calculations you would see that it is a miracle that anything could remain on the surface and not be projected into space.
It is thanks to gravity that we all remain here.

At the risk of ruining what seems a good story we must, for the sake of honesty, remind you that this is all illusion and occurs just in collective imagination but we will also state that, from our present prospective it all seems real and, if you wanted, you could calculate the speed you are hurtling around the planet and through space.

We will also state that the sun is not stationary but is itself, orbiting a larger body that has not yet been discovered by science, and all that is, itself orbiting even larger bodies endlessly into the cosmos.
But, there is no point in discussing any of this at this time because most of humanity is not ready to discuss such topics.
It is all outside of any general consideration and is only mentioned for you relatively few sufficiently open-minded enough to accept such possibilities.
It will be many long years before science catches up with you but it is important that you, who read these books and can accept what we tell you, act as the vanguard for future humanity who will, one day, catch up and accept that which today they reject.
It is you who project this acceptance into the Akashic Record that creates the pocket of information that others will connect with and we thank you for your open mindedness. Without perhaps realizing it, by accepting this wisdom you are aiding future humanity, sowing the seeds so as this information blossoms, people will be able to accept it.
This first step – sowing the seeds in the Akashic Record – is essential for future humanity to accept and to grow both in wisdom and in spirituality.
So, we send our sincere thanks to you all who can accept this information: for far too long has progress been retarded by those who have banned such information and done their utmost to suppress any and all relations by those who, through various means, were able to see and to understand such concepts as we, once again, present to you.
Nothing is new and all we tell you in these books and publications has been revealed over and over again. Presented in ways that were understandable to the peoples of those times and of the countries in which the sages, selected to reveal that information, lived.
As we have mentioned before, we hope that thanks to modern methods of communication this information will remain in public until it is accepted by all good minded people and, eventually taught in schools and universities replacing the false teachings that are currently being disseminated.

So, let us return to planet Earth and its gravitational connection to its parent body, the Sun.

Now, the sun is an extraordinary object, far more complex and marvelous than scientists tell us.
Once again, it is negative and limited minded people who have either ignored many aspects of the sun or who have deliberately suppressed any spiritual aspect of it.

We have stated many times that God is light – star light – and the sun is a star.
We tend, as it is relatively close to us compared to other stars, to ignore the fact that it is a star but the truth is that it is our nearest physical connection to what we might refer to as God.
Of course, we have mentioned God many times and suggested that he (it) lives in a nowhere place removed from any dimension and have given the impression that he is a purely spiritual “being”. This is, of course true but, as with many things, is not the whole truth.

God is pure light and light is vibration.
If the frequency of the sun could be measured it would, indeed, be found to vibrate and thus cause light.
The apparent intense heat generated by the sun is actually an illusion created by scientists who suppose that, because the air around our planet vibrates in harmony with the frequency of the sun and that vibration creates warmth, rather like in a microwave oven, that the sun is incredibly hot. This is not the case.
The sun is a form of portal generated by Archangels in order to permit life to exist on Earth.
It is not the moment to comment on where the other end of that portal is connected as that is a subject unto itself so, suffice to say, the light we see from what we refer to as the sun is projecting from a portal.
It has been noted that, from time to time, flying craft appear from the sun and can remain in orbit close to the sun.
People question how such craft can withstand such intense heat but that is because most people have no concept that the sun does not project heat, it projects light – vibration – and the sun is actually quite cool.

However, our interest is to find how and why this portal should keep a relatively large number of diverse planets in a gravitational grip.

There is a relationship between light (vibration) and gravity and the two, gravity and vibration, are closely connected and one is a reflection of the other.
If this is true, the vibration from the sun acts up on the various planets and causes them to vibrate in harmony with the vibrations of the sun.

Now, we can immediately see that we have created a problem for ourselves because we have stated earlier that each and every planet has its own, unique, frequency and this is true, but now we are saying that the frequency of the sun plays a part in creating gravity.
Let us try to explain.

It all starts with God – or rather the Archangels who actually create everything.
As we have said, in order for life to exist, there must be order.
There would be no point in life essences just floating aimlessly in a void so the concept of gravity was created as a means of putting order in life.
This has resulted, as we have already stated in the case of planet Earth being constructed of molecules held inside a coating called atoms, these atoms creating a body called Earth and that body’s integrity being maintained by gravity and also that, to keep that body (Earth) in orbit around the sun, a weak form of gravity is projected towards the sun to act as an elastic band allowing the planet Earth to swing around somewhat but, nevertheless, held in a grip so that it cannot wander off into the cosmos. That elastic grip is termed an ellipse.
We hope that you can understand this, at least in principle.

However, there is more to gravity than we might have touched on but not really explained.
We have mentioned the law of mutual attraction, like attracting like. This, as the words imply, means that two similar essences are attracted to each other which also implies that the attractive force must work in both directions simultaneously.
So, we suggest to you that the Earth is projecting a gravitational field (force) out towards the sun but the sun is also doing the same, projecting a gravitational force towards the Earth.
Now, this concept is further complicated by the fact that we said that the sun is a portal which can be imagined as a trumpet and there is some “musician” on the other end of the trumpet playing a tune.
This is obviously a ridiculous over simplification of reality but, at the same time, it is not so far from the truth.
There is no musician blowing down the trumpet but there is the God force that is being projected down this trumpet, this tube, this portal and is projecting that force – that vibration – out into the cosmos, and one of the notes it plays corresponds to the frequency of the gravitation of Earth.
So, we hope that you can see from this childish but effective analogy that planet Earth is projecting a gravitational force towards the sun and the sun is responding by projecting an identical force towards Earth.
Both forces are vibration and the two have been described as the music of the cosmos.
We cannot hear this music but it is there acting ceaselessly between the sun and Earth according to the law of mutual attraction and these two forces hold Earth in orbit around the sun.
This music of the cosmos is being projected according to the unique frequencies of all the planets in our galaxy in exactly the same manner as that between Earth and the sun, so all the planets are held in their respective orbits.
Equally, if one were to visit other galaxies, this same process is going on between their sun(s) and the various planets orbiting those suns.

We wish also to mention that our complete galaxy also has a gravitational force field around it holding the entire galaxy together and to keep it from wandering off and colliding with any other galaxy.
Can you imagine the devastation that would be caused if two entire galaxies collided and split (detonated)?

However, putting that impossibility aside, we wish you to consider carefully what we have told you about gravity. Much of it has been revealed within these pages for the first time.
Now, we are aware that we have not fully explained just what gravity is because it is a spiritual force and although it is always our burning desire to explain as fully as we can all aspects of creation; there are some fundamental building blocks of life that just cannot be explained. We have approached as closely as possible the origins of gravity and told you of its connection to the law of mutual attraction and we have told you about these vibrations that the sages called “the music of the cosmos”. We have told you that all is light, vibration and that all links intimately back to God.
As God is love, can it be that gravity is a form of love?
Can it be that gravity, which is so fundamentally connected to creation and, it is fair to say that, without the effects of gravity, nothing would exist is, in fact, the handmaiden of creation itself.
What else can we say to describe just what gravity is?
Science limits itself to describing its effects and stops at that.
We also have described its effects, we hope, in greater detail than most scientific treaties but we cannot actually describe the nature of gravity whilst remaining in a fairly down to Earth, scientific manner.
We feel that it is connected to God itself but cannot be sure.
So, with reluctance we stop in our investigation of gravity and return to the task in hand, which was, you remember, investigation of a strange galaxy that we have discovered.


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