The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 5


So, we launch ourselves, psychically, if not physically, towards this strange ball that we encountered at the beginning of this work.
You may remember that we took the plunge, so to speak, and we found ourselves in a sort of jelly that we now know, thanks to our investigations of gravity, to be the variety that is known as strong gravity.
From our investigations of atoms, we come to the strange conclusion that we are inside some sort of gigantic atom.

However, what we said before is that an atom is composed of a number of molecules contained within a strong magnetic or gravitational force and each atom floats in a weak gravitational force.
But we are within a strong magnetic force so we assume that we might be within a form of gigantic atom.
This might suggest that the various points of light, varying in intensity are, in fact, some sorts of molecules, according to our understanding of how atoms are constructed.

The question is, “why should these molecules shine or glow, some with considerable force and some more dimly?”
We need to investigate this phenomenon and try to find an answer.
So, we approach the nearest one until we are close enough to be influenced by its component(s). We find, much to our surprise, that we are in touch with a form of intelligence.
The light that shines from this planet sized molecule, floating in the thick gravitation force field that keeps it prisoner, separate from any other molecule, contains a prime sort of intelligence.
As we link with this object more and more we are able to discover that it contains life. Not in anyway that we would be able to dialogue with but a form of original, created life force.

Now, we cogitate on this strange event and try to understand what we are interacting with and, eventually, we come to the conclusion that we are looking at and interacting with a form of primitive life that was created before life as we know it was created.
We understand that life is light (vibration) and so we assume that the life forms that constitute the glowing spheres inside this galaxy sized atom, each one is a form of life and some have more “life” associated with them than others.

Now, this raises other questions. Why, for instance should some objects shine more brightly than others?
This does not make sense as, if it was all created at the same time, one would think that all would be at the same stage of development and thus would all shine with equal force. But clearly this is not so.
We look around this giant atom and we start to notice that there are planet sized molecules that do not really glow at all and thus remain dark and almost invisible in this strange world.

Now, we cut a long story short here and tell you the conclusions that we came to after much discussion with very advanced beings who are aware of these strange worlds.

What we are looking at is the creation of life itself. Obviously, this needs explaining.

Long, long before life as we know it to be came into our awareness, it already existed.
But it existed in forms that had absolutely no connection to life as we know it.
This is going to be difficult to explain so we ask you to open your minds and just let this information flow into you without trying really to analyse or comprehend because, at first it won’t make much sense.

But, the truth seems to be that, just as God has always existed, so life has always existed. God and life seem to be irrevocably connected so we could say that God is life and life is God.

However, we assume that God has never altered although we have no proof of that as we cannot actually contact this force we call God, but there is evidence that life has altered, evolved, so that we can say that life as we know it today is not the same as it was countless millions of years ago.
But no matter how far we have been able to travel back in history, and some very advanced human Archangels have travelled a vast distance into the past, life in one form or another has always existed.
This may ride hard with some religious people who consider that God created life relatively recently but we must present the truth as we know it to be and apologise to anyone offended.

However, we will also say that the Biblical version of life has some truth to it, that life as we know it is a somewhat recent, in cosmological terms, creation, as the life that we are referring to in the distant past, that we are discussing, is different indeed to any life as it is presented today.
But, we repeat, life, like God, has always existed.

But let us return once more to the life that we were considering inside this galaxy sized atom in the far distant past.
We noticed that some “molecules” seemed to glow more brightly than others so logic dictated that some molecules were more advanced than others.
Therefore, we assume that life is not created in one fell swoop but created molecule by molecule.
This also defies logic. The only similar things that we can relate to today that follow a similar pattern are creatures such as ants or bees. The queen of that species creates, during her life, an endless flow of eggs, one after another, each one containing a life force and each one developing into a living, thinking entity – an ant or a bee.
So, did that concept come from what we are observing here? Would this account for the life forms being at a different stage of development?
Next, we ask ourselves, ‘where is the being creating these life forms and what do these life forms develop into, if anything?’

We can only assume that God creates life so, if the life forms it creates are visible to our astral eyes, as planet sized molecules, could God be visible rather as we could see a queen ant or bee producing eggs?
But then we realize that, compared to a queen of its species, we are huge and can observe the process of creating eggs from a higher perspective than the queen, who is probably not even aware that we exist and are observing what she is doing.
We can hardly consider ourselves greater than God, so we abandon the idea of watching him producing life forms.

We must apologise for sometimes calling God it or sometimes he but we have no word in the English language to describe a being that has no relation to anything that we could relate to. We mean no offense to anyone but we do not wish to write he/she/it every time we refer to God so we use the word we think to be the most appropriate in the circumstances.
So, we do our best to observe the creation of these life forms and we notice that one by one they just appear as dark orbs.

Now, once again we must apologise for creating a sort of childish story because the truth is that what we have just said about these life forms appearing we have actually been told by human Archangels of great age and wisdom who have, themselves, observed this strange phenomenon.
But what we have told you is true.
In this galaxy sized ball of strong gravity, a vast number of planet sized spheres of energy, of life, are being created, or were long ago.

Of course, as is so often the case, this raises more questions than it answers.
We are sure that you can think of some yourself. Why should God’s Archangels be creating from the one life that God himself created, a huge number of life forms? What purpose would they serve either at that time or into the future?

Once again, to cut a long story short, we were observing the beginning of all life that was, much later, put into the 8th dimension of our reality.
We have mentioned to you that God created a vast but exact number of points of life that would be used to create everything, in all dimensions and throughout all time. That exact number of points of life had to come from somewhere, and this strange galaxy sized atom is the place where those points of life were created. We realize that is takes a stretch of imagination to believe, but it is so.
One by one, these points of life were created and placed into this strange atom rather like a queen ant or bee creating the eggs for her colony.

Over just how vast a period of time it took for God and his trusted Archangels to create this vast, incalculable number of points of life we have no means of understanding.
Time, of course, doesn’t really exist, except in our imaginations but, nevertheless, it must have taken an enormous period of time – in our terms – for God to create all these aspects of life.
As we have said, God created the exact numbers that he needed to create every facet of life everywhere and throughout time but it was done and everyone of them was placed in this gigantic atom. Each one floating silently in its web of gravity.

Now, we mentioned that some of these points of life glowed more brightly than others.
This implies that some form of spiritual development must be going on inside each one of these molecules rather as we might observe in an ant or bee egg as it develops or, indeed, in a chicken egg as it develops into a chick.
Once again, we question what is occurring and once again we must turn to the sages for the answer.

All life is one.
Therefore, we must assume, even in those far off days and in that primordial gravitational soup – if we may thus call it – what we observe today must have a strong connection to what was occurring then.
An egg – whether it be of an ant or a bee or of a chicken, develops and the life form inside it gradually changes from a sort of liquid into the solid body of something.
But yet, we know that the points of life that exist in the 8th plane of our dimension have no form. They are just points of life without any denomination.

So, we question what these points of life might develop in to?
The answer is that they develop into God. Obviously, this needs explaining.

The basic astral shape of everything is a sphere. So, what we are observing in this galaxy sized globe is an incalculable number of spheres, each one containing the life force we know as God.
But here is yet another aspect of God that people might have difficulty in accepting.
We think of God as perfect. This must be true but that does not mean to say that the God spirit placed inside each sphere is itself total perfection.
God has curiosity and curiosity implies investigation and growth.
Therefore, God – or rather the Archangels charged by God to create all these aspects of life – pretended that he was an embryo. Thus, he pretended to be alive but that is all.
Life is light and the more aware that light is the brighter it glows. The converse is also true. Lack of awareness indicates a lack of light which is why, at first, the spheres have almost no brightness to them.

But life learns and, as it does, so it glows brighter as the power of God flows into it. It was true then and is true today. As modern humans absorb the power of God, so a light, a spiritual light emanates from their bodies and can be seen by those gifted with astral vision. The word astral implies light so any object or person who has absorbed the spiritual power of God glows with the light of God – star light. This is why angelic beings glow so brightly. They have absorbed spiritual essence and that shines forth as light.

As we observe the various aspects of life being created, one by one in this gigantic sphere we see that, one by one, as they wake up to what they are, aspects of God, and absorb that power within them, so they start to glow with the spirit of God which manifest itself as light.
Our own curiosity pushes us to investigate some of these created aspects of God.

In case we have not made this quite clear we wish to explain again what we are observing in the far distant, both in terms of dimension (as in distance from our universe) and in terms of time. We are observing creation that is taking place in an unimaginable distance from us and in unimaginable eons of time in the past.
We are observing the very moment when everything that has ever existed, is existing or will exist in any dimension or aspect of life, was created.
One way to imagine this is to consider every molecule of every atom as being created as individual living aspects of God and every one of these countless molecules are alive and sentient.
This is not exactly true but we do not wish to become bogged down in a long explanation of points of life which is a subject that has been mentioned before.

Suffice to say that not only is each atom alive but each molecule within each atom is alive and a specific number of these points of life were created and contain life.
This life is God itself, but the Archangels endowed each molecule not only with life (God), but gave each molecule the power to develop that power of God, as and when it felt ready to draw that power within it.

We don’t know if you can grasp this concept so we will do a quick resumé again and apologise for labouring the point but it is of great importance and we wish you to have a solid understanding.

The single life force we refer to as God, with the assistance of Archangels, created a vast but specific number of aspects of God. These aspects originally contained very little of the power of God above the amount necessary to enable each point to be alive.
But, these points of life were endowed with the curiosity to investigate where they came from and thus drew more of the life force into them. That force caused them to glow with God’s power, which is seen as light.

We hope that you can now see clearly in your minds eye this vast number of points of life, some glowing more brightly than others because one of those points of life eventually became you!
This is a startling realization to know that had you been with us watching all this creation we were observing, not only the one aspect that became you – the intelligence that is reading this book – but all the countless molecules inside all the countless atoms that create your body, your auras, your thoughts, all that, that is the totality of you and all other things, past, present, and future, were being created before your eyes.
Even to read about it is bizarre. Actually, to watch it unfold would have been quite amazing.

Even more amazing is that all these life forms contained in this galaxy sized atom were created one by one and each one is still around and active now.
Some are on Earth and constitute all the life that was, is and will be here on Earth, including all the auras attached to each life force, plus those creating all the planets plus all the thoughts, ideas, plans and concepts that any and all living things have created in their minds and are now contained in the Akashic Records, all of it was created at that period that we are attempting to describe to you.

We ask ourselves if it would be possible to approach one or more of these planet sized life forms and if it would be possible to stand on the surface and investigate these things.
Obviously, we would do this with great caution because who amongst us has ever stood on something we call life? Who amongst us has the faintest idea of what such a thing might have in store for the temeraire adventurer?