The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 6


The problem with getting involved with situations like this is that all we have to go on to guide us are past experiences and any instruments that have been conceived to analyse matters that we have previously encountered.
To answer any questions as to if we do have instruments to help us in the non-physical realms, the answer is yes, we do.
After all, any physical tool, from a simple hammer to the most advanced device is thought turned into physical matter.
The tool started as a thought and that thought is stored in the Akash so, as thoughts have reality in whatever dimension they are attached to, we have all sorts of investigation tools at our disposition. We may not need a hammer but our investigation of creation has been greatly assisted by the various tools we have. Some of these tools you might be familiar with in physicality but many have not yet been suggested to you in physicality for a variety of reasons.
So, we do have tools that assist us but, in this case, we draw a blank. As far as we are aware, no one has encountered raw, basic life and so we are very cautious as we approach one of these life creations that resemble planet sized spheres.

We should say that the fact that these life forms are huge does not bother us as we have encountered, elsewhere, early creation and it has been very large. In these astral planes size has little relevance and many things start out large before being reduced in size.
One simple example would be early computers. When they were made of valves (tubes), even a fairly simple computer could be room size whereas now a motherboard of a modern computer contains a vast number of elements, transistors, capacitors, resistors, all reduced to microscopic size scarcely visible to the naked eye.
So, size does not concern us, indeed it might well be an aid.
To investigate a life form that would take an electron microscope to see would hamper us but to stand in a life form the size of a planet would, or should, be an advantage.
However, there might be danger.
As we are in a non-physical universe here, nothing can harm us physically, but we are as vulnerable as you concerning mental or emotional thoughts and experiences. Even in the astral realms we need to be circumspect about entering unknown thought areas.
So, we do the wise thing and seek advice from the human Archangels that have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the hopes that they can enlighten us.

They inform us, much as we had suspected, that we were, indeed, observing the creation of life in what they called the relatively recent past although it must be said that this past was a very long time ago indeed.
But they went on to inform us that life has always existed and each time it follows the same pattern.
It is born, grows to maturity, to perfection and that perfection returns to God and ceases to exist. It has completed its cycle.
At that point, God starts again in another area of “nothingness” and creates a new existence.
This, apparently, has been happening forever but it is all created one at a time.
One might imagine that God, being God, could create many existences at a time but, apparently it is not so.
The existence that we are part of was started long ago, and will continue long into the future until the last life essence that we were watching being created has reached perfection and merges back to God, at which point God withdraws – all that he created disappears and God starts again.

This may all seem a bit pointless and we suppose it is if one is hoping for some mystical meaning to life above and beyond the beauty of life itself but we must accept that God has decided to create life like this and we must accept that is how it has always been and always will.

So, to repeat, what we were observing was the creation of life itself this time around.
Just how many times God (existence) has created all this we have no means of knowing.
We are told that creation (God) has always existed and so we can only accept that.

But it does not help us deciding if it is safe to step foot upon the planet sized elements of life being created in the galaxy sized atom.
We need at least two questions answered before we approach too closely one of these life forms:
1. Is it safe for us to do so, and
2. Can we do so without disturbing, polluting that life force.

The answer to both of these questions was given in the affirmative and the reason explained. We are looking at the very same life being created that we are part of so we are not inimical to it being, ourselves, part and parcel of that same life force.
It is as if we are part of the same creative force that is busy at work creating life itself and, eventually, one of these life forces will become us, long eons of time into the future and, eventually, many of these life forces will be used to created every aspect of us; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
Therefore, not only are we totally compatible with all these created life forms but each one of them are, themselves, compatible, interchangeable and are, in fact, aspects of the one created force we term God.

Let us, for a moment, break off from our investigation of life’s creation and discuss the word “God”.
Now, it is difficult to talk about God because, of course, no one understands what God is and where it came from.
We don’t even really know that God exists. We just know that something creates all that is and we call that force by a variety of names including “God”.
So, all we can really say is that something creates everything – or so we assume – and we call that something “God”.
Some scientist claim not to believe in God, and that is understandable because we cannot explain what God is but, when asked what creates all that exists, they have to admit that they don’t know.
Some beings, of a “scientific” nature try to claim that life just formed from a primordial soup of elements but cannot explain where those elements originated so that explanation is hardly satisfactory.
Some religious authorities claim that God is a judgmental being and has been described as an old man with a long white beard sitting on a cloud and condemning vast numbers of people to hell for some crime. The prime ones being a failure to accept the teachings of those religious leaders. Whilst we give everyone the freedom to think as they choose, a moment’s thought would reveal some gaps in that logic especially when one points out all the different aspects of life that science is now beginning to discover.

Then again, God has been described as “existence”. We understand the meaning of the word existence and do not disagree with that definition because, by implication everything exists but, somehow, the word existence feels a little light weight as we investigate the marvels of life. One feels that it is in some way by passing a full explanation.

The problem is that even the word “God” is a means of avoiding any definitions as God has a number of definitions according to the beliefs of the person writing the word.

So, all we can really say is that common sense tells us that something created life and we do not have any idea of where that something came from, if that something was, itself, created by or from something else that existed before what we refer to as God came into being but whatever it is that creates all that is, some of us call God.
We do not wish to imply any religious implication or connotation to the word God. Where we speak of God we are referring to prime creator as a simple fact. Something created everything and we refer to that something as God.

So, having been reassured that we could not harm or be harmed by approaching a life form – planet – we choose one of the darker ones as a first experience and stepped foot onto it.
Now, we are going to find difficult, words of sufficient descriptive power to explain the experience.
We first will say that light was almost entirely absent. This, of course, was not unexpected as we had already chosen one that emitted little light.
But, we noticed that although from the exterior this planet sized object seemed solid, in fact it was more like being in a liquid. This is not a totally accurate description as, in fact, what we should say is that it was more lack of solidity than the reality of liquid. This is not easy to explain and, we are sure, even more difficult to comprehend but we are floating in a something that lacks solidity but cannot really be described as liquid.
The first thing is to try to investigate what this strange matter is.
It turns out to be unformed life.

Now, on Earth, if we crack open a newly laid egg we find a liquid but this liquid can be analysed and we find that it is in part albumen. But we have a feeling that the liquid in which we are floating is this strange world and would not totally conform to anything we might find on Earth.
So, all we can say for the moment is that we are in unformed life essence.
It appears clear, like water, to our astral eyes because, don’t forget we are in a non-physical place, but yet we sense that it has the potential to contain all colors eventually.
These colors do not exist for the moment but we sense that propensity for them to appear one day.

No matter how much we analyse this liquid, we find no reference points in any material with which we are familiar so just have to accept that unformed life essence has this liquid form.
However, we are not satisfied with that because we are sure that we are breaking new ground in our investigation of life’s origins. If we were to try to imagine the first aspect of creation, we would assume that it would have some form of solidity, even in a high astral sense, but this liquid does not conform to what we might imagine.

This is where we have, once again, to refer to the wise beings who have already seen, studied and understood the progression of life from this liquid into a solid form that can, one day, far into the future, become life as we know it whether it be animal, vegetable, mineral, or astral.
All becomes molecules which form atoms which, in turn, become some aspect of creation.
So, this liquid must, eventually, become solid even in an astral sense.

Now, we mentioned that we would be breaking new ground in trying to comprehend the nature of life and yet we mentioned that there are very advanced beings that had already understood the process. So, we are not actually the first to reach into this conundrum and pull out the answer.

So, please let us take a moment to explain, as far as we can, the nature of the Archangels to whom we refer.
We have already explained in a previous work the incredible suffering that needs to occur that transforms an already advanced “ordinary” person into a human Archangel so we will not repeat that information.
However, as you should know by now, life is endless and for those courageous people that take this final step in the long progression towards perfection, once they become Archangels they have access to other areas of knowledge above and beyond that available to lesser mortals.
We used the word mortal in its sense, not of being physical but of being less than God itself.

There is an aspect of life that we will just mention to try to explain how we are able to obtain advanced information although it would be quite impossible for anyone less than an Archangel to access this area of information.

We have said that the Akashic Record is the area in which all information, since the dawns of time, is stored. This is so, but this is an aspect of the Akashic Record that is difficult to comprehend.
The Akashic Record has been called a living library and this is true.
Every aspect of every event that has occurred since what we might refer to as existence, God and the Archangels, who work for God producing life, first created life as we have explained it in previous works.
So, we are going back to the moment when the eight dimensions were created.
We might consider that moment as the beginning of existence as we might understand it.
All of that is stored in the Akashic Record and, for those able to access those areas and comprehend what they see, it is readily accessible.

However, as we are trying to explain in this book, creation started long before the creation of the eight dimensions.
This is the time that we are investigating now.
So, we have two aspects to what we might call “modern times”.
We have that vast amount of time since the eight dimensions were created that has developed into our times and then we have the long period of time when life itself, this time around was created – the time that we are investigating.

The Akashic Record would, of course, record this time but, because it deals with creation before the introduction of the eight dimensions, this aspect of Akashic Record is separate and not readily available to us.
One way to imagine it would be to consider an important library today which would have many books available to public gaze and a reserve or restricted section only available to a select few.
This select few would be the human Archangels who have progressed to the point that they are almost beyond the point of being contacted by us.
These Archangels are no longer directly concerned with educating the public as we are which is why some of the information they have at their disposal they do not always share with us.
They have different tasks, different priorities which occupy them.
Thus, they are able to open doors into areas of God’s creation which would remain closed to us but for the knowledge of these human Archangels.

We were discussing this liquid which formed the centre of these planet sized molecules.

We know two things about these molecules – three if we take into account the thick gravity which surrounds each molecule. But in the interior, we know that there is thin gravity and also “life”, whatever that enigmatic substance is.
But our immediate problem is how to differentiate between gravity and life?

Now, this is where the knowledge imported by the human Archangels we consulted comes in invaluable for they have revealed to our astonished minds a secret concerning life. It seems that life and gravity are intricately entwined to the point that we might consider them to be one and the same.

Obviously, among all the improbable information we have so far reported to you, this is the most outlandish, and we do appreciate you rejecting utterly this concept. If it were not for the fact that we trust completely these wise and noble beings – human Archangels – we would have instantly rejected such an unbelievable notion. But we asked them to explain.

It appears that life is a natural process created by a simple spiritual law that we have mentioned many times before and without realizing it’s full implication: the law of mutual attraction, like attracts like.

We know some of the implications of this law as we are sure you do also. We are all attracted to people and concepts that correspond to our own personalities and our own interests.
We have also talked at some length about everything, everyone, and every spot in the multiverse having a unique frequency.
We have mentioned that of all of the atoms in the universe, only the ones that have your particular frequency are attracted to you, all other atoms remaining unattracted to you awaiting the moment when they would be drawn to something and someone having the same frequency.
We have briefly mentioned the sun blasting from its portal a number of certain frequencies, each one corresponding to the unique frequency of any planet which, in term, radiates a certain unique frequency and it is this frequency that holds the planets in orbit around the sun. We referred to it as the music of the cosmos.
So, we realize that frequencies (vibrations) are themselves closely connected to gravity.

Now we start to put two and two together and hope to unravel the concept, the mystery, of life in its most basic form.

If it is true that the law of mutual attraction is the motivating force for life and this law needs frequencies in order to manifest itself, it follows that gravity creates, by way of the law of mutual attraction, life.
Life, it appears, is formed as matter is formed due to this basic law of mutual attraction and, to draw things together, unique vibrations are employed and to hold them together gravity is used.

Can you comprehend this amazing truth? Life, even though we think that it is created by God is, in practical, down to Earth terms, the result of molecules drawn together and glued together by gravity and the result is basic life. Life without any form, knowledge or destination, but life nevertheless.
Of course, as each life force is given a stamp – a logos – to tell it what it is, it progresses and, through the experience of whatever form it chooses to become, becomes almost unrecognizable compared to the basic life form it started out as.
We, in this planet sized molecule, were actually inside basic life, a mixture of gravity and vibration, plus the law of mutual attraction.
This, of course, for those who expected life to be of a much more esoteric nature might be disappointed to find that life is no more than a vibration held together by gravity.
Perhaps this is what the Bible was trying to tell us in the statement, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” John 1:1
Could it be that “the word” mentioned was a way of explaining to simple people of that time that life is vibration?
We cannot comment on the meaning that was implied by the word “word”, but we can assure you that life is a natural process brought about by like attracting like and it vibrates and is held together by gravity.

However, we who were now inside this liquid realized that the liquid was weak gravity although we felt no vibration.
We did, however, notice that, as we advanced, this liquid, this weak gravity, moved away from us as we progressed so that we never touched it and were always in a sort of bubble of nothingness.
Of course, the reason for this is obvious. This gravity was vibrating at its own unique frequency while we also were vibrating at our unique frequencies and so the gravity, in this molecule, found our frequencies to be incompatible to its and so the converse to the law of mutual attraction came into action – the law of mutual rejection.
To preserve its integrity, it rejected our frequencies and left us in a bubble of emptiness, except for our own frequencies, which it sensed and rejected.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be in a place that is actually basic, raw life but there is nothing to see, not much to feel only a weak gravitational force that we know to be vibrating? Every particle of our being cries out for a more concrete evidence to demonstrate that life is a more tangible product than just gravity vibrating. It took quite a while for us to be able to accept this strange fact – that the most important aspect of existence, life itself, is no more than weak gravity vibrating inside a molecule, no matter how large or small it appears to be.

But we eventually realize that God’s Archangels have almost miraculous methods of constructing what we might term to be existence and if anything was too complicated, there is always the chance that something might go wrong and so they discovered this very simple way of putting together the most important aspect of existence, life itself, in the simplest way possible.
For those who may not have fully comprehended what life is we explain again. It is a combination of a few simple facts: The spiritual law of mutual attraction placed inside a sphere of weak gravity with a coating of strong gravity surrounding the sphere and the weak gravity is then made to vibrate at a frequency, each sphere having its own unique frequency. That then becomes life. How and why, we must confess we do not really know because it is impossible to emulate this in a laboratory. We know that some biologists claim to have manufactured basic life in test tubes using a soup of amino acids etc., but they fail to realize that those very amino acids contain life already – everything being alive – and they are merely propagating that life.
To create life from nothing, only gravity, is not in the purview of any living being in any domain. It is only the God force in conjunction with his Archangels that know how to perform the trick. Many have tried and they all have failed.
So, we question as to whether there is more than just a spiritual law, gravity and vibration to life but even our most extensive research over a long period of time has not revealed any previously hidden factor that transforms these basic facts into life in an almost alchemical fashion.
It does appear, indeed, that the combination of these simple ingredients, the law of mutual attraction in combination with weak gravity which is made to vibrate does create basic life.
And yet it is impossible to emulate the process.
So, we must leave the process there and continue with our explorations.
We cover all of this planet sized molecule and discover nothing more.
We cannot, in all honesty, say that we detect any actual life on this sphere. It is dark and silent. There is no movement, no spark of life and nothing to demonstrate to our senses that it is alive.
It is only assurance by the immensely wise human Archangels that this type of molecule is the beginning of basic life that assures us that it is alive. It may well be alive but it is barely so.

Let us now turn our attention to another sphere, another molecule of life in this galaxy sized atom that appears much more promising, much more glowing with life.
We approach one of the brighter spheres and plunge through the thick outer coating of strong gravity into the mass of weak gravity inside.
Now this form of gravity is exactly the same as the previous in terms of its consistency and in terms of the fact that it shied away from us as we traversed it but this gravity glowed with light.
The basic color was pure white but we noticed that, from time to time, that white light would change into beautiful pale, pastel colors, blue, red (or pink), green and various other colors.
This indicated to us a more developed aspect of life.
We know that pure white light is associated with the God force and we also know that colors are associated with emotions. So, we conclude that the God force – whatever that is – is more developed in this sphere and it also has the beginnings of emotions.
This is both to be expected and is also somewhat surprising.
It is surprising in that we expected basic life force to be without emotions and that emotion would develop more in the type of life as we know it and not in this far off time and galaxy. But clearly, if we have read these astral colors correctly, the beginnings of emotion were placed here.
We question why this is so and to what degree would emotion develop in these strange life forms?
Indeed, we go on to query what type of emotion could possibly develop in this rather static life essence as it seems to be totally without the possibility of obtaining any tangible form of experience that could provoke any type of emotional reaction.

Once again, we turn to our human Archangels to provide the answers that are actually quite obvious when we are told.
We mentioned earlier that life has always existed and that what we are observing in the creation of this basic life and what we experience in our lives has been repeated over and over again.
We also mentioned that, when the last of the created life forms progress to perfection it at last merges with God at which point the whole thing disappears and God starts again in another area of nothingness.
But, of course, the one thing that does carry on without pause is God himself.
He has gained in wisdom from each creation and so we may assume that God has attracted to himself immense knowledge and wisdom.
Therefore, we assume that God, or rather his Archangels, are able to pass some of that wisdom to these life forms as they develop and, as all knowledge is connected to God in one way or another, we see it as a spiritual light which is why some of these orbs glow with a degree of whiteness.
We also assume, from the colors that we see that these life forms have the beginnings of emotion stirring within them.

Can we work out why and how these spheres of basic life develop?
We have already given the answer elsewhere but will repeat it here.
This force we call God – which we notice is not just life – is responsible for the creation of life. God is outside of creation.
But the aim of God is always one and the same. It creates life, pushes that life to grow to immense power and wisdom and then, finally, it reabsorbs that life, disappears and restarts again, endlessly.
It is a strange concept to create something, push it to grow and then reabsorb all that knowledge and repeat that process endlessly but it is so.

Therefore, we are watching the beginnings of life being created that will eventually develop into all the life that we are currently living.
So, from that barely alive life force that we observed and described earlier, God’s Archangels gently push the beginnings of knowledge into it and it begins to stir and become more alive.
Eventually, it becomes as we see the molecule that we are studying now. Not really a conscient being as we would know it, but at least conscient that it is alive and has the beginnings of emotions (desires) awake also.
At this point it is ready to take the next step and move to the 8th dimension of the existence that we have described in the book about Auras.
So, what we have been observing in this strange galaxy sized object is the kindergarten, the nursery for life to be born and to grow to the stage that it can join in the creation of life in all the dimensions and glory that we described in the last book.
But our investigation of this kindergarten galaxy is not yet finished. We have other areas to investigate to complete the story. What we have so far described is only a part of this story.


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