The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 7


We decide to linger in this more awake molecule because our curiosity is not only peaked by the startling discovery of what life is but we thought that we might be able to pick up a few tips as to the nature of consciousness, emotion, and any other attributes of life that we might observe. The problem, if we observe any more advanced life form in our dimensions, is that basic attributes are so over ridden by more advanced attributes that it becomes very difficult to dive back to basics, to tell the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.
But here we recognise a golden opportunity to observe and, we hope, to quantify the basic properties of consciousness and its various offshoots.

We remind you once again that life as we observe it, if we strip away all the illusion, is just consciousness.
Nothing in a material sense actually exists, although, through imagination it seems to, and, as we have said before, if we liken existence to an onion and strip back the layers we arrive at nothing. Actually, the example of an onion is a very apt one, if not the most pleasant life form to examine!

An onion is a solid object, a vegetable, as we are sure you know. They are very valuable and are used not only to flavour and to thicken many dishes, but contain a number of vitamins, proteins, and other elements that help keep the physical body healthy.
But in the way we intend to regard it, it is not its culinary and health properties that interest us, it is its form.
Some onions are quite small and some fairly large but the important aspect, from the point of view of this discussion, is that it grows in layers, a large number of coverings growing on top of each other and, on the outside, a protective skin that keeps the onion whole and protects it from attack by invasive creatures and by inclement weather.
So, it arrives on our kitchen table in good – we hope – condition.
So, we take off the brown protective coating and the onion is revealed.
Now, this is the interesting part, from the point of view under discussion. If we peel off the layers, one at a time, we eventually get to the heart which we find to be just a sort of compressed leaf or two. In other words, we have in the onion basket a number of onions, each one obviously solid and have, or had at one stage, the power to grow but when we take off the layers there is no obvious sign of this life force that told the onion that, not only it was alive when it was still a seed, but that it was going to grow into an onion, of which we might add there are a number of varieties.
So, something told the seed that it was going to be an onion and told it what type of onion it was going to be. But, when we examine the layers of onion as they lie on the kitchen table, apart from being able to assess the various vitamin properties the skins or layers contain, there is no obvious instructions within it to inform it of its destiny.

We know this to be consciousness and we have discussed this at various times and in various talks and publications.
Consciousness is invisible. It is not a solid object in any dimension and can only be guessed at. No one can prove that consciousness exists and yet something must exist that tells our long-suffering onion what it is going to become.
But what else does the onion know?
Does it, for example know that it is going to become an onion?
We can understand that it might know that it is alive but does it know what it is? Is it conscient enough to know that?
Does it know that it is growing on planet Earth?
Does it know that its function is largely to help humans and/or the very few animals that eat onions?
We could ask questions like that for a long time and each question takes us back to trying to determine the level of awareness, of consciousness, of our onion.
The same would apply to every object in existence from a grain of sand to our entire galaxy.
How much are things aware?
What is their level of consciousness?
We hope by examining the basic life forms in this pre-worldly (in our terms) galaxy we might find some answers.

But the problem is, to return to us floating in weak gravity within this planet sized molecule, observing both the white light and the flashes of beautiful pastel colored lights, that there is nothing that we can hook on to, to explain just what consciousness is. We see light as if the whole planet was lit by a sun and we see flashes of color as if someone was flickering a series of colored projectors on and off and yet our intelligence tells us that this molecule is more consciousness that the previous one that remained dark and inert.
So, once more we are stumped. We must return to our Archangelic mentors and seek their advice.
Before we do that, might we just remind you that we have been assured that we are observing an event in the distant past that has ultimately resulted in the total multiverse that we now live in.
Each and every aspect of life within this galaxy sized object will constitute each and every molecule that will end up in each and every atom and each one of these planet sized molecules is alive thanks to the very strange event, The Law of Mutual Attraction, creating gravity and that gravity vibrating, each one to a unique frequency.
That is about the sum total of what we have been told or have deduced from our visit so far.
We are observing the creation of all life in all of our galaxy and in all the other galaxies this time around, for this process has been repeated endlessly, over and over again.

We ask the Archangels how this consciousness progresses.
What they tell us is fairly obvious once we have been put on the right track.
The only thing that exists, really, is this thing we refer to as God although, we repeat once again, we are not putting any spiritual or religious connotation on the word God. We refer to the prime, eternal creator.
All life, as we have mentioned, comes and goes and the only permanent common denominator throughout all time is the creative force that can be given any name that anyone chooses but that we refer to as God.

God, it seems not only creates life – in his image – but creates a couple of other things. One of them is curiosity, the desire to learn and develop and, to do this, he deemed it necessary to place in association with life which, we remind you is a fairly automatic creation, consciousness.
Now, it must be obvious that life, although it is quite a simple process once we understand how it works, is not quite as accidental as it seems and some have described it.
It must be a deliberate act and we can almost certainly turn to God’s trusted allies and servants, the Archangels, to have come up with the simple concept of using the law of mutual attraction to draw gravity together and make that vibrate and thus we have basic life.
Of course, at the base of life is this spiritual – in the sense both of non-physical and also in the sense of being positive – law and we must ask where did this law come from?

This is where we must use our common sense and intelligence and try to imagine how such a thing could have been invented. Apparently, it is true that God and creation, existence if you will, has always been.
Now, no one either carnate nor incarnate can imagine the use of the word “always” in terms of time.
We would find it quite impossible to imagine the amount of time that would pass between the beginning of the creation of the event that we are studying now, onwards into the time of the creation of the 8 dimensions until the moment that the last person, object or thing itself reaches perfection, moulds with this God force and the whole lot disappears. Such a vast amount of time would be quite impossible to imagine.
But if we multiply that by the endless number of times that this process has been repeated, we realize that it would be quite impossible to understand the meaning of the word “always” in this concept.
Indeed, as it has been said that time is an illusion, we wonder if there is not just the “now” moment and so “always” implies “now”?
However, that question we will leave for another day.

Assuming that this creation/destruction process has been going on forever and assuming that God grows in wisdom each time, can we not look back a long way and infer that there might have been a time when God and/or the Archangels were not quite as knowing as they are today?
In other words, at what stage in this endless series of creations and eliminations did God and/or the Archangels stumble across how to create life as we know it now?
At what point were emotions introduced and at what point was consciousness introduced?
Did God always know about these things and did the Archangels always know how to create the conditions for life, emotions, and consciousness?
Can we possibly answer these questions and yet it would be educational to be able to find out?

This is where we need to explain an aspect of time/space that has possibly never, or very seldom, ever been discussed in public.
It is possible to group time and space into a single moment and all of the long history going back over vast eons of time can be examined as if it was now.
We are aware that we have already mentioned that there is only the now moment and that is true. But we are talking about a different aspect of “now”.
We need to try to explain that consciousness is all that exists but consciousness has never really been understood.
Most people have the impression that we are all consciousness.
This, obviously, is true or you would not be reading this book, as we have stated before.
Then there are those that can recognise that all sentient life is able to share consciousness. This is more difficult because it implies that, if this were so, we would all be able to share our thoughts, yet how many of us can really do this?
Certainly, telepathy is possible to learn but how many people are aware of what every person on the face of the planet Earth is thinking at this precise moment? It seems ridiculous even to imagine that it would be possible for any one person to be able to link with each and every other person on the face of the Earth and know what they are thinking?
And yet this is what universal consciousness implies.
And then let us take it on even further.
Imagine that it would be possible to link with the minds and thoughts of any and all people who have lived in the past, are alive now and will be in the future. Imagine that you could link with all those who live in other dimensions as well. This would be true cosmic consciousness.

Well, that is only the beginning of the sort of consciousness that we are suggesting is possible.
It is possible to link with every aspect of life throughout time because all is one and all is now.

But we can take the concept back even further and we are going to say something that surely will sound like science fiction gone crazy – but it is the truth.
It is possible not only to link with every being, creature, plant, or mineral on the face of the Earth but it can be done throughout all time and in all dimensions and, further, we can take that connection back, and back beyond this creation into and beyond all the creations endlessly into the past through the simple fact that all is one.
What you are, everything is, so there is no aspect of life – of consciousness, anywhere that is not available to you or us as all is one and time is one.

So, this has enabled us to investigate the word “always” that we mentioned in terms of existence.
Now, obviously, to achieve this remarkable feat of stretching the mind backwards and forwards and ever outwards is not available to all – yet.
It is only the purview of the most advanced Archangels and they have confided something to us concerning the never-ending construction/destruction of the life that we mentioned earlier.
We implied that life (existence) had always been and that it would always carry on.
This is both true, apparently, and not true.

We have been told that this amazing creation/destruction of life going endlessly back and forth in time is all an illusion. None of it exists.
There is no creation. There is no destruction but there is something called consciousness.
We will discuss consciousness a little later and we must tell you the truth that we hesitated a long time before mentioning this because, although we have implied already that everything is illusion we wanted – and still intend – to explain how you would see creation if you were to visit it and this is how it will be taught in schools in the future.
But we are obliged to tell you the truth and the truth is that there is nothing. No time, no space, nothing except for one consciousness.
All the rest has been created by you and us and the Archangels and the interdimensional beings you call aliens and so on.
All creating illusion for one reason or another, for one agenda or another.
The plain, unadorned truth is that there is nothing at all; no space – no lack of space – no concept of space – no time, no gravity, nothing at all except for this one, thankfully sempiternal concept, consciousness.
It is this consciousness that allows all the imaginary stuff to appear. It is consciousness that enables you to appear to exist and everyone else and everything else and enables imagination to create all the scenarios to appear that make life.
Consciousness is existence.
That is all that exists but it would be absolutely pointless if we all disappeared and there was just this one consciousness floating in nothing.
That is why the Archangels, who do exist but are so closely related to and connected to this force we call God, decided to create also the whole scenario that we have been attempting to describe to you and that you have been living for long ages and will continue to do for long ages into the future.
But it is important in order to understand the word “always” used in connection to life that the whole of existence as we can explore it is all illusion.
Because, in fact, always is now.
There is no “always”
How can we explain this? Perhaps one way would be to imagine a gramophone replaying endlessly the same note. Perhaps we could imagine an engine idling, turning over and over its crankshaft and its valves going up and down but the vehicle going nowhere because there is nowhere to go.
However we imagine it, this incredibly long process called life follows exactly the same process as does all life: birth, growth, decline, death (disappearance).

So, having explained that all is illusion and having explained that we must accept that we need to have some form of reality let us state that “always” is an illusion and the endless galaxy concept is just the same process of birth of the galaxy, growth, decline and death followed by an imaginary repeat of that long process, repeated over and over again.

However, even this is not true, although, if scientists could explore the far distant past they would “see” this long process stretching as far back as is possible to imagine but, in fact, it all happens just once and that is all.
It is the fact that consciousness is eternal and the “now” moment is also eternal that enables us to imagine that life has always existed and always will and, indeed, it will, but it will always exist because (a) all is illusion so anything can be created and/or imagined and (b) there is only the “now” moment so life will always continue as long as “now” continues.

So, we hope that you can see that it would be futile just to tell you that nothing exists and therefore there is nothing to explore, nothing to write about, nothing to discuss because even we do not exist when, as we open our eyes we see nothing but life. We see, just on Earth, all the planets, trees, birds, animals, people, houses and so on.
We see Archeologists exploring the past and we see mathematicians attempting to explain all sorts of things with their formulae.
In fact, it is obvious that we live in a “real” world and we can assure you from our somewhat more elevated position that your life and your education will continue endlessly into the future.
Thus, in our world, the past, present, and future are very real and it is our job to describe to you the various aspects of life as they appear to our senses.

The object of the previous description of the illusory nature of life was to explain the simple fact that “always” has no meaning and the whole process that we have been attempting to describe to you in this book, the others and all that we hope to give you in the future concerning the fact that life has “always” existed is to help you to understand that, if it happens at all, it happens just once and the concept of “always” is illusion – there is just the “now” moment.

Perhaps we need to continue on this subject for a bit longer and forestall any questions.
For instance, we can imagine a day when all life reaches perfection and disappears into the God force and, having reached the end of its mission life disappears.
We have stated that God starts again in another area and repeats the process of birth, growth, decline and disappearance again.
But now we have explained that this is not so because, as there is only the “now” moment, what happens when perfection comes and life disappears?

We are going to try to explain an aspect of this illusionary, galaxy (life) that will also be rather difficult to accept.
Just as there is only consciousness and there is nothing else and just as the Archangels helped us all to create this amazing world we appear to live in, nothing can disappear. Once the death part of the life cycle of the galaxy is reached and all disappears, so it all starts again and you will be born again.
The only image that we can present is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
Indeed, that mythical bird was chosen to describe the very phenomenon that we have attempted to describe to you.
Very wise people, long ago, were aware that life was cyclical, and repeated itself endlessly and so, because a bird able to fly, was considered close to heaven, invented the concept of the Phoenix, which is born, matures, declines and disappears – in his case by bursting into flames – only to be reborn from the ashes of his previous existence and to repeat his life cycle again – endlessly.
It is a very apt analogy of life because the Phoenix was considered to be a very beautiful bird, and life should be beautiful, and the Phoenix had mystical powers – which you and we all have when we bother to develop them.
But you will notice that the Phoenix does not appear to grow in wisdom, it stays much as it was the last time around.
But, we can, to a certain extent, benefit from the past event – we can’t call it reincarnation – because, in fact it is all illusion and is not really happening. Reincarnation, even over such a vast time scale as we are describing from the birth of the galaxy to its extinction would have no real meaning as we all just start again.
If it were real, it would be just another revolution of a wheel, which really does not correspond to reincarnation.
We labor this point somewhat because we know that many people would like to believe in reincarnation and it is a falsehood and we do not want people to use the reincarnation of life as an “ah ha” moment and say that it is reincarnation.
Imagine it more as another revolution of the wheel.

So, we move on to the subject of this book which is to investigate the creation of life in this kindergarten galaxy, the birthplace of life, we will consider it as real because, if you could explore the astral features of the galaxy as the Archangels have, you could investigate this strange place for yourself.

Now, if you remember we were inside a molecule that was somewhat advanced and discovered that it contained white light and also some colored lights.
We discovered that this was the beginning of consciousness.
But the question that we must pose ourselves is this. We know that, eventually, a transfer will be made to the 8th dimension of the astral dimensions of our galaxy and we would like to know the details of when and how this is achieved and what would happen to this kindergarten galaxy once the last element has been transferred?

We are not the wisest beings in heaven and so we must, more and more, rely on information given to us by these very wise Archangels.
But, if we may, before we progress to tell you what they told us, may we remind you that they have access to what we might term the “restricted section” of the Akashic Record.
Now, at the risk of annoying those who would like us to continue at once with the tale we are attempting to unfold, may we take a moment to explain why this is a “restricted section” of the Akash and what information it contains.

As you may know, the Akashic Record contains the entire memory, as a sort of recording, of every being that has ever lived in our galaxy – this time around – every aspect of every thought and contains links to the other people, animals, plants, and events that anyone person has come into contact with.
Further, all information that has ever come from the mind of man is also recorded.
This means, strangely enough, that every letter you have written or received, every shopping list, every comment you might have made on the internet, or received, every conversation you have had, every piece of work you have ever done throughout your working life, every book written, every painting ever made – absolutely everything is recorded in the Akashic Record and all that information is available to anyone that has the ability to enter the Akashic Record.

It is just as well that spies never take the trouble to enter the Akash because all the secrets of any and all governments are recorded there also!
There is never a moment of history that is not recorded.
Now why should this be and how is it done?

Some people have imagined that it is a vast underground cavern complete with a librarian and claim to have visited the area. This is laughable and is just childish imagination.
The simple truth, as we have said, that all that exists is consciousness.
Now, consciousness is eternal and there is just one. Therefore, it becomes a storehouse for all information.
So, when we are entering the Akashic Record, quite simply, we are entering the conscious memory of everything.
Now, as you can imagine, even though these memories are recorded and catalogued according to the unique frequency of every person and everything, unless you know the unique frequency of the person, animal, plant, or mineral you are looking for, it is not easy to find one’s way about in the Akash. It is the veritable needle in the haystack problem.
We, of course, are able to navigate our way through the Akash without too much difficulty and are able to retrieve the information we require.
As we have said before, that is how these books and the other information is retrieved.
We decide which book we wish to transfer to you, books that have already been written by wise beings, sometimes alone and sometimes in collaboration with others, because these books are stored in the Akash.
Once we have located the book we required, we make the telepathic link with the instrument incarnate and transfer the information to him.
Sometimes we include comments we wish to make but, by and large, the books are transferred verbatim into the mind of the person incarnate, who writes it all down and it finishes up at your disposal.

So, after much hopping around and discussing other matters not directly related to the subject matter but which we hope you find both interesting and educational, we return to discussing consciousness and how it affects the world we are examining.
We were looking at the lights inside the planet sized molecule and wondering, among other aspects, at what point it would be considered sentient enough to be transferred to our galaxy and how all that would unfold.
Well, it turns out that the transfer process it quite natural.
This galaxy sized atom as we called it, is emitting a frequency as does everything else and that frequency corresponds to the frequency of the 8th dimension in our galaxy. So, our old friend the Law of Mutual Attraction is at work trying to bridge the gap between this kindergarten element and the 8th dimension of our reality.
However, this Law of Mutual Attraction is also a form of gravity rather like the poles of a magnet, one end connected to this kindergarten atom and the other end connected to our galaxy.

But like a magnet, in order for it to be able to draw the two worlds together, both ends of the magnet have to be of sufficient strength. Now we are perfectly well aware that this is not a correct description of a magnet. We are using it to describe the attractive forces that will draw the two worlds together to enable the embryo life forces to transfer safely to their new home in the 8th dimension.
The power emanating from the kindergarten galaxy is dependant on the degree of consciousness – of life – of each and every molecule and so, to cut a long story short, this level of power is not reached until all the countless life essences contained with the kindergarten galaxy have all reached the point that transference is possible.
We remind you, once again, that this kindergarten galaxy will ultimately contain all the life forces that will enable life in all areas of existence to be manifest.
We could not imagine such a number, but they will ultimately be produced and will all need to grow in awareness to a certain point before sufficient power will be generated that will enable the two existences – our galaxy, or rather the 8th dimension of it, and the kindergarten galaxy – to draw close to each other and the transfer made.
The actual methodology of that transfer is quite simple but will not be described as it uses a technique that could be abused by evil people.
There are a few concepts that we prefer not to talk about because, on Earth or in the interdimensional regions, there does contain some people of less that good intent and we prefer not to give these people obvious access to weapons.
Some completely harmless and beneficial technologies can be abused and this transfer technique is one of them.

Suffice to say that, once all the countless life forces in the kindergarten galaxy reach sufficient maturity, the transfer is made and these young life forces now find themselves in the 8th dimension and will follow the course of action described in the other books that will result in them becoming me and you and all things.
The kindergarten galaxy, now having served its purpose and being bereft of any and all life forms, simply dissolves back into the basic gravitational forces from which it was made and effectively disappears. It has served its purpose for now. It will, of course, be reformed the next time around.

So, is that the end of this tale?
We have described to you that we stumbled across this galaxy sized atom floating in nothingness, discovered that it was a kind of giant womb for all the aspects of life that would be necessary to create all the myriad aspects of creation and these aspects of life were given life through the simple process of using the Law of Mutual Attraction to draw weak gravity together and that gravity was caused to vibrate at a certain, unique frequency and that created life.
Then this life grew because all that exists is consciousness and the more anything can realize and absorb that consciousness the more it grows in terms of life force just like an embryo in a mother’s womb.
Eventually, when all the life forces have reached a certain level they were transferred to the 8th dimension of our existence and the womb creation dissolved back into néant.

That, in a nutshell is the process of the creation of basic life, but is it really the end of the story, the end of this book?
It seems to us that there are still a number of unanswered questions and that perhaps, with the help of our Archangelic mentors we can still fill in a few of the gaps.