The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 8


We came across a number of points as we were investigating this womb like galaxy in which primitive life was formed and we also saw a number of points of connection to life as we know it in what we call our reality. So, although we have done our best to describe what we observed and understood concerning the creation of life, we could end the book here, but as it is fairly short, we thought that we would take a few pages discussing other, but related, aspects of life not, perhaps, directly connected to the subject under discussion but of interest to those wishing to have as complete a knowledge of esoteric matters as possible.

You may consider this section as a sort of addendum rather like we added at the end of book 3.
It is our opinion that as all life is connected and, ultimately, one, to consider any aspect of it in isolation inevitably leaves gaps because one can usually find threads enabling the disparate elements to be linked to the whole.
One, perhaps not very good example would be a set of chess pieces.
Each piece moves independently but, together, they create a collective that moves almost as one piece.

The first aspect of what we studied in this womb like place made us see a possible connection to the development of life as we see it in our reality.
For example, by an almost alchemical means, the joining of male and female DNA enables life to be formed. Of course, we know that the actual life essence has been created as we explained in the main part of the book.
But from then on, on Earth, whether the life force is connected to an egg; chicken, lizard or fish, or, indeed, develops in the womb of a mammal; human or animal, the process develops on similar lines. The tiny life force develops in a protective cocoon. This might be an eggshell or it might be a womb in the case of a mammal.
So, we can see a direct link to this galaxy sized kindergarten or rather the molecule within the kindergarten.
We saw a protective shell of strong gravity with a mass of weak gravity inside that permitted the life force to grow to a certain point at which point it is transferred to another aspect for its development and we might say that it is born.

Of course, we see exactly the same process with life on Earth.
The embryo develops, either in a shell or in a womb until it is ready to take the next step, and then it is born.

We must at all times remember that what we are observing in both cases are different aspects of the same life forces.
In one instance it is all happening in high aspects of the astral spheres and in the other it is occurring on what we consider to be the Earth, terra firma.
But they are both aspects of the same life forces.

What is interesting is that there appears to be two births.
In one case life is created and nurtured to a certain point where it is still very underdeveloped but sufficiently mature as to be able to survive outside of its kindergarten womb and continue its long journey through the dimensions and, in the second, it continues from a protective but “physical” womb or shell and breaks free to grow in a physical universe.

But, if we think calmly about it we see that the two processes are closely linked, one being the creation of life without which the body could not live, and the second, the body, without which incarnation could not happen and would make physical life impossible.

So, the two are just different faces of the same coin.

You may have wondered, as you started to read the first pages of this book, why we chose to present it to you at this point and what possible connection it could have to the previous books that we presented, but we hope that you can now see that it is very relevant information and ties in very nicely to the last book about Auras.
As we have previously said, we think carefully about what we are going to tell you and in what order we should present any information and it seemed to us that this was the moment to present to you information about the beginnings of life.

We have been asked to make it clear to you also that the books we dictate to you are the same books that are read by students of the esoteric in the heavenly spheres.
We have previously explained that once your incarnation on Earth is finished and you return home to the higher 4th dimension, where we all live, you have total freedom to do whatever you want.
But for those who wish to pursue education in any fashion we have a large number of schools where any subject imaginable can be studied – provided that it is not evil or harmful in any way. We do not encourage people to learn the black arts!

But for those wishing to learn the subjects we teach you, subjects that we might call aspects of the esoteric, there are, in the Akash a large number of books on those subjects and teachers use those books to help students progress in knowledge.
The students are trained to visit the Akashic Record and select and read the large numbers of books available on these subjects, written by wise beings.
You will notice that we spoke of the esoteric in the plural as it is not just one subject. There are many aspects of life and many areas that one can study, many avenues that one can explore.

But we wish you to know that these books that we present to you now are part and parcel of the same books that you could study in heaven and by learning the contents of these books during your incarnation and practicing the exercises we propose; meditation for example, you will be getting a head’s start for when your incarnation ends and you return home to the higher 4th dimension.

So, we wish to start this additional part by discussing just what God and the Archangels are as far as we are aware.
We know that we have talked about the creative force that we refer to as God many times before and have even suggested that all that exists is God.
We have suggested to you that God is part and parcel of this force called the Law of Mutual Attraction, and the God force has been instrumental in creating all that is.
All that we told you is, of course, true.

But, now we wish to take a deep look behind the scenes, so to speak, and give you as clear a picture of how we understand that this all important creative force is and enable you clearly to picture just what God is as far as we are aware.

Now, as we start, we must make clear to all who are in the folds of any religion that we do not wish to offend nor destroy faith in God. Quite the contrary.
But we must look at this force we call God in as rational a manner as possible and ignore any preconceived notions as to what God might be.
For too long has God been presented as a vindictive tyrant waiting to cause unceasing suffering to all and to any that do not follow a particular religion and to bow on bended knee begging forgiveness and favor.
This is not how we see God at all.

So, let us begin to try to understand what God is and to clarify any preconceived notions concerning him.

Perhaps we should start by repeating what we have already said concerning the English languages and its shortcomings in terms of some explanations of concepts.
We have, in the English language, three words that can be used to describe something; he, she or it. That is all.
He describes a male, she describes a female and it describes something without gender.
Those three words are usually sufficient to describe everyday objects but fail when trying to describe God.
The Bible usually calls God “he”, but why should God be male? What proof does anyone have that God is male?
Equally, should we call God “she”, it doesn’t seem to fit somehow. To call God “it” might be more accurate but the word “it” seems rather cold and unfeeling and one, somehow, feels that God deserves a better appellation than “it”.
So, we have this problem. We do not wish to offend anyone’s sensibilities when trying to describe God, but we are of the opinion that God is without gender, neither male nor female, so we can’t really use the words he or she with any conviction.
As we just said, to call God “it” might be more accurate, but the word feels a bit dismissive, almost as if we were referring to an object, a table or a chair for example.
We hope that God has greater importance than an inanimate object.
But we have just three words at our disposal; he, she or it.
Now, we will not use the word she in relation to God as that word is not generally used and might cause confusion so, with apologies to any ladies who might be reading this book, we will generally refer to God as “he”, with occasional use of the word “it”.
Also, we will not give God a capital H, as in He nor a capital I as in It. We will just use he or it.
Having said that, let us begin to try to analyse who or what God is as far as we have been able to ascertain.

As we have said about a number of aspects of life, it is sometime easier to start by describing what something is not, rather than what it is, so that when we have subtracted what a thing is not, what is left must be what is – we hope.

As we have often stated in the past, God is not some tyrannical, revengeful monster sitting on a cloud, surveying you all, hoping to catch you out in some act that he can point a finger at and condemn you to an everlasting hell for his delight.
Nor is he a similar figure who will do much the same if you do not belong to Christianity and accept that Jesus died to save you from your sins.
This strange concept is accepted by so many, but a moment’s thought would realize that it is not possible for any one person to sacrifice themselves so that countless millions could live a life of sin in the sure knowledge that they are protected from accountability through a belief in a third party – Jesus.

This actually is rather sad and many, once their incarnations are finished and they enter the heavenly spheres fully expecting to be welcomed into God’s arms through a belief that Jesus has in some way absolved them from payment, find themselves, once they have had their life review and in the realisation of their many sins, drawn to a level of hell.
It comes as a shock to many, but life deals in realities, not beliefs, and such people should have had the intelligence to reject false teachings and live a life of Godliness and not of sin, feeling protected by a false teaching.

We will also say that many preachers, priests and pastors who teach these false beliefs similarly find themselves in the dark regions once their incarnations finished, firstly, for their own sins, and secondly for the sin of pushing others to commit sin expecting not to have to pay.

Having explained that Christianity contains some false teachings, we will also say that Islam is also a religion that contains much false teaching.

However, having explained that God is not to be found attached to any religion, let us go on and say that God has little to do with fate.

How many people go to church or mosque and get down on their knees or grovel on the floor begging God to save them from some fate or to provide them with more money or some other item?
God doesn’t work like that and we will say that it is rare today to find God’s angels assisting at any religious ceremony, whatever version of religion is being practiced.
The powers that work for positivity have long since abandoned such places, which either remain empty or attract unpleasant spirits to them. Sensitive people can recognize the coldness that lack of positive thoughts provoke.

Therefore, we wish to point out a clear difference between the study of God and the study of any religion. Whilst we give anyone the right to belong to any religion, we wish to underline the fact that God is not to be found in churches or mosques.

Equally, God would not be found in any mathematical formula.
Science or scientists are often atheists, and one can understand that, as even a lifetime of studying science would not reveal God, as God is only vaguely to be found in the study of living creatures and not at all in mathematics.
But at the same time, we must recognize that God is responsible for the creation of everything and thus whatever we look at in what is called reality is created by God.

What makes it so difficult is that when we observe something “physical”, we are looking at the end result whereas God is the prime cause – the opposite end of the chain.
Therefore, to find God we need to climb the mountain of life to the summit and look from that vantage point and, perhaps, we might find a trace of what we seek – God.

So, having spoken briefly of what God is not, let us try to make a list of what we know God is.

We know that God always works with Archangels who implement his plans.
Thus, we assume that God cannot directly create anything but relies on his lieutenants, the Archangels, to carry out his orders and put into manifestation God’s concepts.

So, it is no good looking directly at any object, no matter in what dimension it might be found, because there is at least one step between God and the object. Everything was made by Archangels or lesser entities working to implement God’s instructions so whatever we observe might well hold the marks of Angelic intervention but would contain no trace of God himself.

But, at the same time, when we look at what we refer to as life, we clearly see the trace of some mastermind who worked and is working behind the scenes to create all this wonder.

Therefore, to find God, we need to take steps into the unknown and, perhaps, the unknowable.

The trouble is where to start?
We are sure that there is some master force, some master mind that exists that is responsible for the creation of what we can only term “life” or “existence”.
Equally we are sure that this force does not have physical or astral form. It may well be responsible for designing physical or astral objects but is not itself physical nor astral.
Then we know that God has no gender, male/female, nor does he (it), God, have any sense of race or color. God might be responsible for creating beings with different skin colors, but is not, himself, the least bit concerned with the problems this has caused over the years.

Further, no matter how far we travel back in time, nor out into the galaxy, no matter how much we delve into the mysteries of life in all respects, we can never find God.
So, we question if God really exists?
Could there be an explanation of life coming into existence that could preclude prime creator?
But the conundrum would be that if we could find where life came from – not just the life that we mentioned before, but the whole complex paraphernalia that exists – would not the force that created it all be God?

So, as we so often do when we are stuck for an answer, we contact the human Archangels that not only have a vast treasure house of knowledge, but have access to the restricted section of the Akashic Record.

The Archangels tell us that this prime creative force both exists and does not exist.
Let us explain by going back to the onion that we mentioned before and that we pulled to pieces in our attempt to find the “God particle” that created the onion.
You may remember that we failed to find anything beyond the many slices, layers of onion.
But we know that, before we cut it to pieces, the onion was alive and had grown from a seed into this very useful vegetable.

So, we can start to understand what the Archangels were trying to tell us.
If we rip the onion to piece, in effect, the life force we call God withdraws and the onion parts die.
But, when it was whole, it contained the life force we call God.

Now, we realize that we have over simplified the concept of life and death, of God and not God, but we wish you to comprehend that, for God really to be in association with something, that something must be in a position to benefit from the life force.
If it is mutilated, as we did to the onion by peeling the layers off, the God spirit withdraws.

It is the completeness of the object that attracts the force we call God or could we say that because the God force is there, an object can be formed.

So, does this give us any indication of what God is?

We can say that when the concept of an object is formed, something we call God takes charge of that object, gives it “life” and the object grows to fulfil its function, whatever that might be.

However, as usual, we have described the effect of God in an object but have not described God itself… or have we?

To cut a long story short once again, we can tell you, if you are prepared to believe, that God is the desire, the consciousness, of any and of all objects, whatever they might be, animal, vegetable or mineral, to be created.
This is a complicated concept and we would like to expand on this statement and try to make it more comprehensible.

We have stated that all that really exists is this strange idea “consciousness”. Nothing else actually exists and yet through consciousness we have, apparently, all the world that surrounds us, past, present and future, in all the dimensions including all the various life forms that are known as aliens.
This vast complexity of life is all created by desire of one sort or another and it comes from consciousness.
So, we can say that all that exists is consciousness.
Therefore, if all that exists is consciousness, it follows that if something we refer to as God exists, God is consciousness.
As we have stated before, it may be difficult for those who have been brought up to think of God as a person to realize that God is consciousness, nevertheless, it is important for the development of mankind to dispel myths and to base our thinking on reality, as far as we are able.

Consciousness, of course is both single and multiple. There is only one consciousness for all life but, at the same time it is obvious that everyone and everything is conscious.
Thus, like so many aspects of life we have these two effects, single and plural.

We mentioned earlier that the Archangels created primitive life through making gravity vibrate within a sphere but also, so that that life form could develop also endowed that life force with curiosity, which is another way of describing consciousness.
Thus, as these life forms develop it is thanks to this consciousness that creates the desire to so develop.
If it were not for this curiosity to discover aspects of life, all life forms would remain in the same primitive state as when they were first created.

So, what can we make of all this in relation to this being we refer to as God, the all that is, existence, our Father?
God, it appears, is actually the creation born from everyone’s individual and collective consciousness, created in conjunction with curiosity.

Now, we realize that this explanation is a bit feeble as if we have missed some important aspect of life and that God is far greater than that. But we must never underestimate the power and scope of consciousness.
If we could peel away all the layers of life in all dimension and in every area of creation, all that would be left is this invisible, indestructible force we call consciousness, universal, cosmic consciousness.

But of course, it begs the question of just where this consciousness came from?
We have mentioned the Archangels who are actually the creative force that work for God, putting God’s plans and desire into action.
Where did they come from?
The answer appears to be that they were formed also from consciousness by taking a different route to humanity but, at the expense of disappointing people deeply interested in this subject, there are aspects of consciousness that are too complicated to explain at the moment and so we will not discuss this matter further for the moment.

We have answered the question of who or what God is and we must leave further investigation until mankind is a little more developed.

The next topic that we wish to investigate a little further is life itself.
We have already explained as clearly as we can that every molecule was created in the nursery that we investigated – aided by our human Archangels who so ably advised us and without whom much of this book, and others, could not have been produced. We are greatly indebted to these noble beings for disturbing the bliss of their high planes and of descending to our level to impart their wisdom to us enabling us to reveal to you the information that has been kept from mankind for long ages. We hope that you, too, will take a moment to send your thoughts of gratitude to them.
It is also thanks to these Archangels that we can expand on the concept of life.

Now, we stated that primitive life was created in this nursery and that life was given consciousness that we might also refer to as curiosity. All life has a certain amount of curiosity.
So, curiosity in conjunction with consciousness causes things to want to explore, to start to think, to experiment and so, gradually these primitive life forms develop a greater awareness that they are conscious.

Thus, life, curiosity and consciousness are all combined and we can say that they are one.
To explain this statement, if something is not alive, it cannot be conscious.
We break off here for a moment to discuss A.I., artificial intelligence.
There have been developed recently what have been called supercomputers. Now, these are still fairly primitive compared to some computers created by some alien groups for various reasons; data collection and influencing mankind being just two reasons.
The supercomputers created by Earth scientists are mainly used for data collection and are fairly harmless, but those more advanced alien ones can be used to harm people and are a source of great worry.
However, even the most advanced computers, for the moment, can only think according to their programming and thus are very limited and cannot really be called alive, although some of them can ape life quite well. But even the most advanced alien computer could be revealed as to its limitations if asked a question outside of its programming.
So, A.I. is not life.

Life, for it to be called life, must have independent curiosity about life and to be also linked to collective consciousness in order to maintain the link to the oneness of life.
No A.I. machine can ever be human in that sense.
A.I., when very advanced can be programmed to imitate human emotions but it remains just a machine, programmed to imitate humans. But it is surprising the number of humans that can be fooled by alien A.I. into thinking that they are in contact with a human from another dimension. This is a danger we would like exposed.

But to return to life. To be alive is to have some curiosity about life.
Now, we have said that even a grain of sand is alive, but can it have curiosity? Why not? Who amongst you can say what the limitations of a grain of sand are and if it teaches you to be a more considerate person towards all things, it will help you advance towards this so-called ascension.

Therefore, to consider life, it must have a degree of consciousness and a degree of awareness and curiosity no matter how inert a life form might appear.

In the case of humans, we are sorry to say that many are still stuck in the primitive stages, caring only for themselves, being easily swayed by basic emotions, hate, jealousy, anger, vindictiveness to name just a few.
No human truly awake would ever consider eating sentient creatures, hurting others physically or mentally, going to war – whatever the cause – or causing harm to anyone or anything.

To be alive is to realize that all is one and any negative act to anything is to cause harm to oneself.
Love, compassion, understanding, help and giving are the attributes that consciousness should guide one to.
That which a person wishes for himself, he must give out to others because those others are himself.
There is, in fact, no separation in life because all the people who have lived, are living or will live are just aspects of one consciousness, an illusion created by everyone’s curiosity to learn about life.

So, there is only one life and that life, if we strip away the layers as if peeling an onion, ultimately, we see that is consciousness.
Life is consciousness and consciousness is one, so all life is one.
You are everyone and everything, and all those things are you.
It is a lesson worth learning.

We will end this book here and allow you to digest all the information it contains.

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