The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – Foreword


We are going to describe in this volume another aspect of life which will be quite unlike anything that we have so far mentioned. And yet it will actually take us a step closer to the reality of life.
In the previous books we have mentioned at some length the creation of life in all the various dimensions, the way that life in general and human life in particular has been created, partly by God, partly by Archangels and partly through imagination.
We hope that you have read these books and all the various essays we have also given so that you have a firm foundation of the way life was created long ages ago and has progressed until the present time.
All that information was given because that is the way that life is viewed both by people incarnate and also by most people discarnate.
Due to the collective wisdom and understanding it has created a form of reality in the so called physical realms and also in the spiritual realms.
But, we wish to tell you – and hope you won’t be offended – but nothing that we mentioned before is actually true.
It is all imagination that people accept as true.

Certainly, all that we said in the three first books and the many essays and information that we have given you, you could repeat to others and no one would disagree with you because it is collective wisdom – often taken on beyond what is generally known – and appears true.
To a certain extent it is true, but the problem with life is that it is endless. Each time we think that we have a firm understanding concerning a certain portion of life, we find, either to our joy or our dismay that what we know, or think we know, is just one aspect and, if we have the skill, we can open a door into a whole new realm hitherto unknown.

Perhaps we could use simple analogy. Imagine that people studied animals on Earth but just on land until they knew absolutely everything that there was to be known about land-based animals.
But then they discovered that there were creatures that flew in the skies that no one had noticed; birds, butterflies etc.
So, the searches would have to start all over again and study flying creatures.
Then, once they had learned all that there was to know about land-based creatures and flying creatures, someone informed them that, in the seas, more life existed.
We realize that this is a rather feeble analogy but we want to make the point that life can be quite complicated or complex and all that we know so far about life is not necessarily all that there is to know.
Further, and to make the story even more difficult to accept, is that all is illusion but presented as real.
So long as we just accept what we have presented to you so far, which is in its realm true, as all there is, there is no problem.
But, if we are informed that there is life outside of what we know and that this new life actually replaces the life you thought you knew, it starts to create problems.
So, we wish for you clearly to understand that all that we have told you is true so long as you stay within the confines of life in all the different dimensions, inter-dimensions and areas of existence that are known to man.
But there are creations of life piled one on top of another rather like building blocks – or Russian Dolls would perhaps be a better image – the point being that once we learn about a new life we realize that the previous one was just illusion.
We hope and expect that this new version of life would be true but, of course, it will fade to illusion as we uncover yet another aspect of life.

But we can only discover one new reality at a time so this book will venture out from the known areas of life as has been explained and will explore the next level.
No doubt some of you will not be able, immediately, to assimilate the knowledge we will impart, but it is important to explain as much as we can about the endless realities of life, so we give this information and leave acceptance or rejection in your hands.
Our job is to give information. Your job is to read it and accept what you can. We wish you good fortune as, together, we explore the world we wish to reveal.



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