Spirit Box

Reaching out to spirits trapped in limbo is a delicate matter.
First, we have to be sure that we are really reaching the Limbo part of the many etheric realms (levels).
Then we have to try to draw towards us people trapped in Limbo desirous of rising to the light.
Then we have to have the means of controlling the psychic energy being received by those people and, in return, being projected towards us.

Now, from what was said, some aid; computer, radio etc., is being used.
Naturally this system would take the brunt of any energy projected into the receiver device.

We feel that it is, perhaps, unwise for this person to delve into the etheric realms as the energies there, whilst not necessarily all evil, can be strong, as the etheric is very close to our 3D frequencies but are not attenuated by the forces that life on Earth has to protect it from being overloaded by such energies.
It is not necessarily evil forces that destroy his equipment.  For instance, if he asks who would like to progress  to the light, he may get such an enthusiastic response from so many that it would blow his equipment up rather like several people shouting into a microphone would overload the amplifier.

Lastly we wish to say that there are angels tasked with overseeing the beings in Limbo and, as soon as a person wishes to move on, they help lift that person to the light.
So these unfortunate people are not abandoned. There is always help available, help, perhaps, better equipped and qualified to resolve problems than this gentleman.
But we do applaud his sincerity and his desire to help his fellow man – laudable qualities.

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