As an aid to the book The Stairway To Freedom we have included a video below on Meditation and how to properly do it if you are just starting out or if you are unsure if you have been doing meditation correctly.

Below the original meditation video from Bob Sanders are two additional guided meditation videos created by AJ Fortuna that are a great addition to this site. You may skip this original video and watch AJ’s video if you wish as they have been based on Bob’s teachings and are safe to practice. If you would like to know more about AJ Fortuna please visit his YouTube Channel at or his website at

Please note that it is most important to practise the Buddhist type until one masters it completely and one is able to sit in absolute silence at will. Then one goes on to the visualisation method until that, too, is absolutely mastered and one can instantly visualise anything and clearly see it in the mind’s eye and so on.

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