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Please read the following statement from The Great White Brotherhood.

“The Great White Brotherhood welcomes all people of good intent to join with us by reading the information that we have already provided, and will continue to provide, to assist people incarnate unlock the mysteries of life.
Information is the first step to obtaining wisdom and wisdom is the key that unlocks the mysteries of life.
Therefore, we provide the information and rely on you to assimilate this knowledge and thus start to grow in wisdom.  Then, through knowledge, wisdom and a sense of discernment of what is and what is not, we hope that you will grow in spirituality, thus becoming one with all life and one with God.
So it is and so shall it be.

This website will be the location of all the information provided by The Great White Brotherhood (GWB) to Bob Sanders. You can learn more about the GWB and Bob at the following link: About

Over time we will be populating the website with books, video and lessons, or downloads, received from the GWB.

So please check back often as the site will be updated regularly.


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