Thank you for visiting this page, the links on this page are important enough to have a separate page created in addition to the Lessons page and the web page for the books.

These pages used to have their own link on the front page, but in order to make room for the various translations for the site that we are getting, these pages have been consolidated here.

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  1. Who Is God
  2. We Are One With God
  3. Ascension
  4. Astral Projection
  5. How To Pray Properly
  6. What Is Reality?
  7. Life Review
  8. Suicide
  9. What’s the best way to combat suicidal ideation?
  10. Why Is Killing Considered To Be Negative – Illusion
  11. Diet
  12. Religions, Ascension & Truth
  13. Meditation
  14. Global Warming
  15. Tunnel of Light
  16. Difficult Life Plan – Mental Illness
  17. Kundalini
  18. How to remove negative entities – possession
  19. Spirit Guides