The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood is a vast collect of people who all, once, had an Earthly incarnation, have now passed into the spiritual realms and who work actively and never ceasing to assist humanity incarnate to come to terms with and to deal with the difficulties and travails of their individual and collective incarnations.

The Great White Brotherhood was formed some thousands of years ago by the progenitors, a group of people who first realised that it would be possible to assist people incarnate.

Some of that first group are still active and some have passed to realms so far above the rest of us that they no longer have the means of communicating with  us.

Now, we wish to make it plain to you who will receive this message that the group known as The Great White Brotherhood is totally dedicated to helping you who are incarnate and have, effectively, formed themselves into a sort of group soul, over time, and so have formed a group personality that thinks as one.

The Great White Brotherhood was formed by a relatively few, but spiritually awake group who decided that just living in the peace and joy of heaven was a selfish act and that they had to take positive action to assist man incarnate who was enslaved both physically and spiritually by Archon influenced people and were, obviously, deeply unhappy and confused as to the reason why incarnation was being inflicted on them, having no knowledge that they had, in fact, volunteered to incarnate.

Gradually, over time, more spiritually awake souls returned to heaven at the end of their incarnations and joined The Great White Brotherhood.

This group of enlightened souls did not have a name at that time and still doesn’t really need one.  It is sufficient for them to know that they are working individually and collectively to help humanity, incarnate.  Names give no status in heaven.  It is action that counts.

But the point was soon reached where suitable candidates incarnate were sought to receive the wisdom of this group in order to spread that wisdom throughout Earth.

So, after some thought the name The Great White Brotherhood was chosen.  At the time it seemed the best name and described who this group were.

  • Great implied a large collection.
  • White implied purity of soul and ambition.
  • Brotherhood implied a group joining together with one aim.

However, over time, the meanings of words change.

Today, unfortunately:

  • Great implies noble.
  • White implies skin color.
  • Brotherhood implies a group exclusively male.

This is, of course, not at all representative of who The Great White Brotherhood are.

The Great White Brotherhood are humble souls.

There is no skin color in heaven.

The Great White Brotherhood is open to both sexes, people incarnate and discarnate.

But it is too late to change the name and start again and, it must be said, whatever name would be chosen it would, over time, become criticized by those who do not wish to understand the aims and objectives of this group.

So we continue with that name.

Next came the problem of selecting Earthly instruments willing and able to work with and for The Great White Brotherhood.  It is easier, in some respects, today as people are more spiritually aware but, originally, it was difficult, indeed, to find suitable candidates.

There are a number of criteria that must be considered before a person incarnate can be trusted to impart to the world information entrusted to him.

  • The first element, obviously, must be awareness that The Great White Brotherhood exists.

This implies that the person selected has himself been contacted by telepathy, or has been informed of The Great White Brotherhood’s existence.

  • The next element is a burning desire to devote the rest of his incarnation and his progression through the heavenly spheres to the aims of the brotherhood.
  • Next, the person must have a reasonable command of his native tongue.  We need to be able to impart information in the mind of the chosen person so that it can be shared with the public who speaks the same language as that person.

So, not only must the chosen person have a good and deep command of his native language but also the ability to read and write that language.  Memory is not sufficient.

  • Then the person must be willing to develop telepathy so that The Great White Brotherhood can communicate with him and he with them.
  • Next it is advisable that the chosen person not be indoctrinated by an imposed religion.  He must have an open mind.

So, you can see that to find suitable candidates throughout the world was difficult and still is.

In some countries, even today, religions are imposed.

Long years ago it was even more so and we had no desire to put people at risk of a painful death just to help us spread our message.

Even today it is not easy to find people who have a real command of their native language and it is getting more difficult each day as Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is taking over the role of education and people rely on machines to speak and to write for them.

So we search the world assiduously in an attempt to find suitable candidates willing to work with us.

But, here and there we find candidates and we work hard with them to train them to our required standards, not only in command of their language but in the degree of their ability to develop telepathy and, in some cases, clairvoyance, because we use a number of gifts of the spirit in our desire to help humanity.

But we will never give up and so, gradually, our message is transmitted to the world.

We are grateful for a recent invention, the Internet, that has assisted us greatly.

We should also mention the detractors of The Great White Brotherhood.

There has been, and still are, malignant  forces that have done their best to suggest that our intentions are evil.

We leave the people of the world to be judges of our intentions.

We are often asked questions concerning the great masters of the past and if they are members of The Great White Brotherhood.

We must say that all the great masters are committed to helping their fellow man, incarnate and discarnate, find and follow the path to God.

Thus, although it is not our intention to name names, we are prepared to say that the aims and objectives of the masters and the aims of The Great White Brotherhood are one and the same.

These aims are the path to God which is found in the degree that love can fill the hearts of man.  However, love is not sufficient.  Knowledge of the path to God is necessary and the wisdom to interpret that knowledge is paramount.

Thus, The Great White Brotherhood is dedicated to sharing its knowledge of all aspects of life with all the people incarnate and we will never cease to implement those aims.

You can watch a YouTube video about The Great White Brotherhood by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yt4EsZRCOo&t=0s


About Bob Sanders:

I was born in London in March 1939.  A few months after that, WW2 broke out and a few months after that my father was killed by a bomb.  So, I never knew him.

My mother was a natural psychic and she hated that gift as it frightened her.

We were very poor – there was no widow’s pension in those days and she had to fend for my sister, my grandmother, herself and I.

I won a scholarship to a very exclusive school – don’t ask me how – that was rather like Hogwarts, if you have seen the Harry Potter stuff.  The teachers all wore flowing gowns like Snape.  Some had mortarboards and monocles.  We had four houses and were taught all sorts of weird stuff on top of all the math’s disciplines, Greek, Latin and on and on.

The reason that I mention the school is because, one lunch time, I was in our house common room, sitting on a chair, chatting to some friends,  when a boy came up behind me and started to strangle me.  I suppose that he thought that it was a good idea at the time.  Now this was interesting because I had a horrible choking sensation for a short while and, suddenly, there was complete peace.  I found myself moving down a tunnel full of beautiful coloured light.  There was superb organ music playing. At school, we had, in the great hall, above the raised dais where the masters sat, a huge and beautiful church organ.  I supposed that someone was playing this organ.

I moved down this tunnel until, suddenly, I was wrenched back into my body and I was retching and choking and feeling distinctly miffed that I had been returned to this world.  The boy who was strangling me must have released me.  I would have much preferred to go on down the tunnel.  The feeling of peace, love and tranquility was total.  Not at all like being in this 3D world.

Anyway, I survived and, eventually, became a professional guitarist.

I jump forward now to the age of 24.  I was working as a musician in Paris, France and I met the lady, Solange, who has been my wife for over 50 years now.

I jump forward again to the age of about 40, when I started to become interested in meditation and so on.  We were back in London by then.  I used to sit at home in the evenings and just meditate.  Internet did not exist and so I just learned what I could from the few books on the subject that I could get from my local public library.

As you might have seen in one of my videos, eventually, a spirit person named Dr. William Latimer introduced himself to me and told me that we were going to work together as healers.

In case you don’t know, he belongs to a group of spiritual beings that call themselves, “the Great White Brotherhood”. White refers to spiritual purity and has nothing to do with racism.  I find it unfortunate that the word “White” has been hijacked by racist groups because most people think that I am involved with a white supremacy group.  Nothing could be further from the case.

Anyway, I have been involved with this group ever since.

I will also say that my wife started spiritual development at about the same time as I but she developed different skills.  She is an excellent medium and clairvoyant where as my abilities are more in healing, teaching and channeling.  Solange can also channel.

That, in a nutshell, is about it.

We have three sons, one lives in London, one in Scotland and one here in France.  We also have four cats.

Hope that wasn’t too boring.

Best regards,


You can view Bob’s YouTube Channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2UDv0r4mtNPEWbve5YHDeg