Astral Projection

The following text was submitted to Bob Sanders by a friend who, over many years was subjected to horrible situations at an early stage of performing Astral Projection without proper training or protection.

This person was unaware at the time of the dangers of Astral Projection and the short messages between this person and Bob is meant to provide you with actual instances that happened to this person so that everyone may learn by it.

There is a very real danger in Astral Projection if one is not prepared and protected. Please take this page as a warning to what can happen to anyone who thinks that there is no problem with AP.

This has been presented here, largely unedited, except for the removal of names and locations for privacy reasons.

Ok here we go… my first experience happened about 15 years ago. I was attending crash reconstruction class at the police academy. It’s an old hospital/insane asylum converted into a police academy. We had our own dorm rooms as there was only about 40 of us in this specific training for the two week period. We had finished class for the day so I went up to my room and I was gonna catch a nap before dinner at 6pm in the academy kitchen dining area. I always use a box fan for the white noise to help me sleep. I turned the lights out and turned my fan on. I was lying in the bunk facing the wall. Suddenly my fan turns off, so I think that it’s probably a power outage. I get up and look out the window which overlooks the dining hall. The lights were on in the kitchen. So I go back over to my bunk.. the fan was still plugged in so I checked the on/off switch. Wow, it had been turned off. There was nobody in my room, door was locked from inside… I became perplexed and turned fan back on and laid back down on my side facing the wall once more. Suddenly, something struck me on my back between my shoulders. It was like a hard kick by someone. I actually had to put my hands up to my face to keep from striking the wall. I rolled over quickly and started to cuss out whoever had somehow sneaked into my room. There was no one there.. the door was still locked from inside. No one in closet, no one under the bed. It scared the shit out of me to say the least. I packed all of my belongings up and went downstairs and sat waiting for dinner. After eating, I left the academy and went to a nearby hotel for the remainder of the two week class. This was my first episode of anything ever happening to me. This incident would be minor in proportion of things that I experienced last year though… I will go on to those tales later. My thoughts were that it was probably an entity who was in the asylum and somehow attached to that room.. maybe a suicide…. We will never know.

When I finally got back home that’s when things went crazy.. I was trying to learn to deep meditate as well as self hypnosis. Astral projection was very interesting to me.. I felt if I could AP and lucid dream, then I could take charge of my nightly terrors and nightmares.

After a couple months of meditation, I finally started to experience astral projection.. I was so happy. It was as if I was a kid at Christmas time. I finally had assurance that the soul went on after the body stopped. It was like a weight off my shoulders. I could actually go into meditation and, tricking my body that I was asleep, my spirit could actually leave my body and zoom around the house

The first time I left my body, I looked down and saw myself laying in the bed with my youngest son asleep beside of me. It was amazing! Words can’t describe it. I then began to leave my house and travel through the neighborhood at will. I astral projected a total of maybe 7 or 8 times. All was great.. no problems.

However, the last time I AP, I was in the living room on the couch. It was around midnight I suppose. As I left my body, I noticed a dark, darker than dark, shadow figure around 3 feet tall on the other side of the living room. It ran toward me and leaped toward me..

I was startled and swung my fists like I was in a fight. It disappeared. I was left wondering just what the heck was that?

Never seen that before in AP. From that point things went downhill. I would be lying in bed and hear loud pounding footsteps come down the hallway toward my bedroom. My wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms because I fight and swing and yell out during my nightmares. I also wear a Cpap machine with oxygen which is quite loud during the night. Sometimes I would hear my name being yelled as if it was right next to my ear. I would see a heavy set man wearing overalls standing in my bedroom doorway and then bam! He would be beside my bed. I would jump up swinging as I thought he was an intruder. I saw him maybe 3 times total. I would see small black circles gather in the corner of the bedroom and work their way across my ceiling. At one point I heard a loud demonic voice that said “Just Ask”! I would get poked and jabbed while laying in bed.. most of the time I was wide awake when it happened.

Sometimes I would see the covers being pulled down slowly from around me or sometimes from around my son who slept with me occasionally. My toes and feet would get tugged on.

I would see things that would begin to fly across the room. Sometimes they would be lights and other times they would be a skin/flesh in color. They would click and pop when they ran into each other or the ceiling. Finally, it got to the point that I left home and went to my mom and dad’s house which was unoccupied. I thought I could run from it maybe and I could get it away from my family by doing so.

I get up and go back inside to figure out what to do next.

I called a life long friend who pastors a nearby church. I asked if he could come by mom and dad’s house. He said sure, give me about an hour or so. He arrived and came in and gave me a big hug and said what’s up?

So I told him my story without the astral projection stuff because I’m sure he wouldn’t understand that kind of thing. He stays for an hour or so. He is a straight up guy.. no nonsense with him. He started to leave and he said he would like to have prayer over me, I told him that would be great. I was sitting on the couch and he was standing beside me with his hand on my shoulder. I was looking at the floor, kind of squinting my eyes. Suddenly the room became dark at noon. It was like an eclipse. I thought it was just me being tired. His words started to scramble and stutter. He jumped back and starting rebuking the demon in Jesus name. He was on fire with the Holy Spirit. He went up and down the hallway and into every room rebuking and blessing. This went on for about another 45 minutes. He looked at me and told me that the spirit entered while he was in prayer thus the darkness and babbling the language. He said it was the real deal and I had gotten this demon’s attention somehow. I still didn’t mention the AP. He said it was a suicidal spirit as well and asked if I had ever thought of taking my life. I told him yes. He said it as the demonic spirit oppressing me and putting bad thoughts in my head and during dreams. And nightmares.

So he told me that the demon somehow had gotten my number and I had it’s attention. He told me the only way to beat this type demon was scripture, prayer, and more prayer. Uh gosh.. my mind went blank there for a minute. Ughhh I hate when that happens!

So when the pastor left, the house felt light and clean. I was feeling pretty good about things. Especially now that I had a pastor to validate. My wife would surely believe me now because she really likes this preacher and has great respect for him. So I laid down on the couch and dozed off, finally. Then something yelled in my ear “wake up”! It was back again.. the pounding footsteps on the porch all evening. My oldest son came by to stay the night with me.. he was concerned and has experienced some stuff as well, so he believed me.

That night, he went on to bed around 11pm. He had work the next day. I went out onto the porch and sat. I began to hear someone screaming and cursing in the distance…I figured it was some drunk woman on the lake bottom below our house. It got louder and louder.. I thought this woman is getting the tar beat out of her or being assaulted sexually. She sounded drunk though. As it got louder it got clearer.. it was saying..”(my first name, redacted), why are you doing this to me, help me (my first name, redacted)”. Then it just stopped. My son had walked through the living room going to the refrigerator. He hadn’t heard anything and to me it was probably cats… Ughhh, not unless cats can say my name and want my help.!

So I came back inside and locked the glass door. I went to kitchen and came back through living room on way to bathroom. As I glanced through the glass door, I saw it! It was that damn little 3 foot shadow person from my astral projection experience. It quickly bolted to the right, off the porch and out of sight. I knew what it was now and how I had gotten it. Around 3am I was still awake on the couch. The house only had one normal bed. Mom had a hospital bed.   My son was in the normal bed, so I said to myself , ‘I’m going in there with him and get some peace and quiet and maybe even sleep’. I had been in the bed alongside my son for about 30 minutes when it sounded like all out warfare in the living room. It sounded like furniture being dragged across the wooden floors, cabinets slamming, stomping footsteps. I was just waiting any minute for something to kick the bedroom door in…at one point my son rose up and looked at the door strangely… I thought… great ! He has heard it! No such luck. He laid back down and went back to sleep.

I finally dozed off and slept for a couple of hours, then the sun came up and my son got ready for work. I stayed there the next day and kept out in the yard and kept busy to keep my mind off things. That evening my wife called. I told her about everything and when I told her about what the pastor had experienced, she said to come home tonight, we need to have a prayer circle and get rid of this thing. We did and it helped a lot.

I finally realized that it feeds off of our fears. Now, when I see or hear something, I say a prayer and ignore it. By ignoring it, it makes it weaker, and it will move on to someone else to terrify. All this happened before I met Bob. It would have even been greater having him in my corner from the beginning and much easier but we live and learn.

I can tell you that taking the medication called tizanidine or zanaflex which are muscle relaxers will bring on hallucinations but I was not on those during this experience. I read up on tizanidine and many people have ghostly encounters while taking it.

Now, I didn’t tell you all the experiences or this would be a novel… just the ones that stood out in my memory. There have been times when I was taking tizanidine that I saw little shadow demons standing on the stairway in the dark grinning at me and gnashing their teeth. I would close my eyes and look away and they were still there. The woman in white I saw gliding up the steps, was the same that my son saw. He saw her late one night while on the couch in living room playing video games.. His mother was sleeping on the other end of the couch. He said, ‘she as lying on the floor in a crab walk type position. She had a dirty, muddy stained white wedding dress or white gown. He covered his head up and after a few minutes she had disappeared. Now another amazing coincidence is the fact that I have been sitting in the living room watching tv and look toward top of stairs and see two feet in white with dirty shoes… just the feet and a lower portion of her legs with a gown flowing. Matthew has seen this exact thing. He told me about it when he told me about seeing her on the floor. He didn’t know that I had seen her feet on the stairs as well. Isn’t that amazing? And the last thing that I remember is one morning I was going up the steps to get the boys up for school. When I got almost to the top, a little three foot shadow ran out of the boys room and into the bathroom where the lady in gown disappeared. That one stunned me really bad because I wasn’t but maybe 4 feet from that little sucker.. he was dark shadow, blacker than black. He is one fast little dude as well.

I think it was a lower vibrational entity, perhaps from the lower fourth who had an attachment to me or that I brought back.. it loves fear and wants so much to be us. My son saw it because he is so much like me and is open to things as you and I are.

Wow… the things that I am going to tell you are 100% actual events so please know that I have not or will not embellish the story. Yes, I was terrified. Here I am, a former state trooper and elected sheriff and I was forced to sleep with the lights on in my bedroom. I prayed aloud and quoted scripture.. I don’t it all. Finally after the couple of weeks, it all stopped. When you get a chance, look up deep meditation, lucid dreaming and astral projection. I made the mistake of following my psychologists instructions on lucid dreaming to help with my PTSD nightmares. It helps you control your dreams to an extent where you are in charge of your dreams and not at the mercy of these crazy nightmares. My nightmares always consisted of being shot at and my duty weapon wouldn’t work, always going back to school as a kid and being naked and embarrassed, being burned alive in a car wreck, my family being burned alive in car wreck and me not being able to help them, picking up body parts and putting them into a can while walking down the middle of the interstate. So much more that I will share with you. Some of it is pretty unnerving.

Hey Bob, My doctor asked me to try deep meditation and self hypnosis as a way of dealing with my PTSD nightmares. After researching those topics, I came across lucid dreaming and taking control in your dreams. From there, I learned about strengthening of chakras and the third eye concept of the pineal gland inside the brain. I began to see articles about AP, how to do it, and how to open the third eye. It was explained to me that I could visit loved ones who had passed and venture into World’s in the astral realm. I could also go back in time and view my life as a teen. These were happy times for me so I wanted to view my life as a third person back in those days of happiness. I wanted proof that there was an afterlife and by my spirit leaving my body, I could prove that the soul lives on without the body. Death terrified me. I couldn’t understand how one could live this life and then be placed into a coffin for eternity. At first, I used binaural beats with headphones to help me with the AP.

Here’s some more to my story… I got diagnosed with PTSD and major depressive disorder in 2012. I had gone through a failed back surgery and had lost the use of my left leg due to nerve damage during surgery. I finally got the feeling back after about six months but it was a bad time in my life.. my father had contracted lung cancer from years of smoking. He wouldn’t go to doctor or ER, so as an only child, I was forced to take care of him by myself… my wife helped out as best she could but she was working full time. My mother still lived at home but she can’t walk or speak due to stroke during heart cath procedure. She is confined to bed and a motorized chair. So basically I was taking care of both of them. I had been in hospital two times for a week each stint for PTSD, major depressive disorder, so it was tough enough to take care of myself much less my parents.

So I was to the point of leaving my home and staying at my mom and dad’s old house. But I thought ..I’m going to tough this out until my boys got off the school bus. I went out into the driveway and got into my pickup truck. I turned the radio on a Christian channel and laid the seat back, hoping to rest some. Suddenly the radio began cutting in and out with strange demonic type words and phrases that I didn’t understand. I flipped channels and all the other channels worked great.. just the Christian channel. I was sitting there thinking, ‘I’m in big trouble.’

I noticed a movement in my drivers side mirror. It looked like a black guy coming up the side of the truck. I jumped up because I live in a secluded neighborhood. There was nothing there. That was it… I blessed my truck with prayers and drove about 10 miles to mom’s house. Finally, I thought I had some peace and quiet and could actually sleep.. man o man was I wrong. I got to my mothers house and unlocked the door and went inside. I was all alone except for our pet dog. I crashed on the couch watching tv. About 2 hours after I got there I started hearing a small bell ringing.. maybe the size of a dinner bell. It rang constantly for 30 minutes straight. When it stopped I heard pounding footsteps on the porch. I thought it might be a neighbor so I got up looked thru the glass door and nothing was there. I locked the door with the latch and back to the couch. Suddenly the door was tugged from the outside twice as if someone was pulling on it to get inside. I finally said the hell with it and I got up and went out onto front porch. The sun was shining, beautiful day. I began hearing a loud clicking noise. I had parked my truck in yard about 15 feet from front porch. I actually saw my door locks going up and down, up and down. With no one in the vehicle. I was stunned…

“Redaction. I am now going on to put the good and bad experiences that this person explained.”

I should probably explain astral vision to you as well. When the spirit leaves the body, the vision is terrible. It’s hazy, dark, and blurred. It’s a lot like having your head in a paper bag with one small hole to look out from. For some reason, a person must request “astral vision “or “astral eyesight “and then things clear up to normal vision. I’ve found that you must also request “astral recall” during AP to remember the AP. For some reason this works… why? I do not know.

On one AP, I attempted to go to the office that my wife works at to possibly move something around or see something in her office that only a person by being there would know. I was doing this to attempt to prove to her that these experiences were real. I left my body and flew south to the next county over. I was flying through a city located just west of the city she worked in.

During this experience, I noticed a 24 hour convenience store that was open and had a cashier standing inside. I immediately altered my destination and went through the glass door with no problem. I floated around in the store and saw a male patron come inside and purchase something from behind the counter, possibly cigarettes. The patron left and the cashier followed him outside to apparently take a break. She was standing outside next to the front glass doors.

I decided I would leave and go through the doorway as I had done when arriving. I would have to pass close to her in order to exit this way but I had no worries as I knew that I was in spirit and invisible among this 3D plane. I rushed toward the door to get by her quickly, however when I made contact with the front glass door it moved and open violently. The lady cashier threw her cigarette and screamed.. As I was floating upward and away I looked back to see her screaming and practically running in circles.

This is one of the few times that I made contact with a solid object and felt resistance. The other times were when I attempted to go through our home front door and bounced backwards. The other time was when I tried to enter my wife’s dreams while she was sleeping. I could not enter her body or mind. I have never been able to enter someone’s dreams.

When I would get the vibrations and hear a loud roar, I knew that I was very close to AP. I then developed the technique of rolling out of my body. Sometimes I would picture a rope dangling above me a pull myself from my body. It got easier the more I AP.

The 2d environment: I asked to travel to Jupiter and Mars. I first was taken to Mars. It was quite desolate and reddish terrain much like you see on television. The races seem to be a hostile type group. When I first entered, they noticed me and surrounded me as if they were verbally chastising me for coming there. They were in attack mode for sure. I asked for help and to go to Jupiter. On Jupiter I encountered the animated type group. They were very friendly but they were hard to take seriously because it was an animated cartoon type, flat.

When I encountered the female angels or entities. I was in an area where there were many females around.. I went up to one and asked if she was my guide. She looked at me smirkingly and kind of rolled her eyes and turned away from me.

The second female approached me and said she was my guide. She took me to something like a check in station with many other people and many entities. I was actually standing in line behind a female human. She was questioning the Angels on why we had to check in.. she didn’t agree with them or trust them. While she was arguing, I saw a doorway to the outside. I immediately ran for it and escaped and thought of my body and returned quickly. I couldn’t understand why we must check in either. I was afraid that there were sinister intentions and wanted no part of it.

It’s amazing to me that these nightmares even torment me in daily naps. Usually the brain does not go into REM sleep until a few hours after being asleep. It’s good to know that all these bad dreams are working for the good, because it would be terrible to keep having these nightmares forever. My wife says that she doesn’t even dream , or at least she doesn’t remember them if she does.

When you encounter angels and spirit guides in the astral, are they very bright and human shaped?

When I AP or etherical travelled, I came across a blinking bright light that followed me when I asked for assistance one time , and then I came across attractive female beings as well. When I was on Mars it was an aggressive type warrior group such as native American Indians would look like. However, when I was Jupiter or Mercury, the inhabitants were friendly but somewhat 2 dimensional and flat like animated characters.

Amazing world that we live in Bob.

I know if they are looking after me like you are then everything’s gonna work out. I just can’t shed the nightmares. Last night I was paralyzed and was being robbed by this black guy while I worked at my father’s old store. Then my father was trying to kill me and my mother.   The night before that I lost my dog and was trying to find her but she had been run over by a car before I could get to her. They are so real Bob. I don’t know why I can’t realize that a dream’s only a dream while I am having the nightmare. That way I could take over my dreams for a change. Ughhh.:

Listening to binaural beats I left my body by rolling out towards coffee table. I immediately wanted to ascend in the stars or heavens because I knew I didn’t have much time. I first traveled to Mars…it is a bright red star that has a smoky type fiery atmosphere. When I arrived I found a type warrior tribe there who were very unfriendly. They actually tried to keep me there but I broke free and ascended to Venus.. it has the rings which are a gaseous type material with rocks floating within the gasses. The beings there are much more friendly and were a light white in color. Almost cartoonish in nature. They were a large group. They seemed happy to see me, and gathered around me to welcome me to their planet. There were colorful rivers there and rainbow type scenery. I had to leave quickly though because I knew my time was short. I wanted to see the actual heaven where God exists so I began zooming through the stars to a distant galaxy. I saw a formation of stars that resembled a formation of a partial crucifix. I didn’t want to go inside or even get too close but just to see the actual area from a distance. I was immediately met by a huge archangel who guarded the area. He stopped me from a distance and I knew it was time to turn back. He flung a spear type javelin toward me that glowed a bright luminescent teal color in order to scare me away. I then was sent to a place where people were unhappy and possibly purgatory type atmosphere. I seemed stuck and unable to fly again to leave that area. I got scared and called upon my spirit guide and immediately several angelic females arrived who were brilliant bright white and very beautiful. I asked one if she was my guide and she said no and turned away quickly. I looked to my left and saw another one with long blond curly hair and she said yes I am your guide. She had another female guide with her who was shorter but also beautiful with light brown blindfish hair. She had a scar on her face but was still very pretty. My guide told me that the second guide was assisting her today. They took me to a kind of a check in center where there were lots of travelers being processed. They were like in a large office building giving information to their guides while the guides recorded it down. The lady in front of me was being quite troublesome and refused to give any info. She told me that they were trying to erase the memory of the travelers to a certain degree. I didn’t want this so when my guide was preoccupied I turned and bolted toward the glass doors. I could not fly through them so I pushed them open just far enough to squeeze through the opening and immediately thought of my body and full recall memory so that I would remember the entire traveling experience. When I came back I tried to enter my wife’s dream and was able to somewhat. I tried to prove to her that astral travel was real and that I was in the room with her by moving curtains and poking her.

Our dog saw me and was somewhat confused and startled but didn’t growl or bark. Just stared at me curiously. Our house didn’t look like our house though. It looked kinda like an apartment room. When I communicated with the guides it was in a telepathic state but I tried to make audible voice and it was a weird type gurgling noise that they understood as well though. I was much faster in this dream and could almost will myelf to a location by thinking of it rather than flying like I usually do while astral traveling. I knew that I was about to wake up so I came back to my body and as soon as I renter end my body , I opened my eyes and was fully awake.

Hey Bob, I tried to meditate some today and see if I could get to the vibration stage but I failed. Usually after I am completely still for about 30 minutes with no swallowing, blinking or scratching itches I can get to that stage. But today, I was completely still for about 45 minutes and nothing. I suppose I’ve gotten out of the habit. I was hoping to get to the vibrations and abort so that I could give you some more info on AP. My mind was racing as well so that may have had some influence. I normally keep my mind active by looking upward toward my forehead with my eyes closed of course and counting 1 to 100. When the body is tricked into thinking the mind is asleep that’s when the vibrations begin. It was the middle of the day and I wasn’t very tired as well, I’m sure that factored in as well. I changed things up somewhat though, I used your egg technique and visually cleansed my entire house with white light for protection. Many people say they see or hear beings near them when they first exit the body. This is not the case for me. The only time that happened was when the three foot shadow being leaped on to me when I AP from the couch in my living room. We have a large sectional couch where 3 people can lay down at the same time. My wife and youngest son was sleeping on the couch with me that night. When I exited my body, I asked for astral vision. I immediately saw my body and my wife and youngest son. When I turned toward the front door the shadow being was standing there and charged me quickly then leaped on me. It then disappeared and I began my travels. I’m sure that is when I brought the hitch hiker home with me. I had never experienced any paranormal or ghostly phenomena until after that AP. Sure , I had seen unexplainable things but nothing in comparison to the days that followed that experience.

I attempted my fourth astral projection while on our couch at app 9am. I noticed the effects of sleep paralysis after hearing a slight noise in living room. I thought it’s was my dog, so I tried to turn over but was unable. I knew at this point I was in paralysis, so I continued into the paralysis to a deeper state.

I had trouble leaving or lifting from my body on this occasion and finally had to jump out upwards. I immediately noticed that I was alone in the room. I looked at my hands and they were quite transparent in nature. My body was lying on the couch but seemed blurry for some reason. Most of the time my body is blurred after exit. I immediately asked for astral vision and it slowly came to me.

I walked toward front door and leaped upward and through the door or wall. It took longer than usual to travel through the door/wall this time as if I was going through many layers of material. When I did break through I noticed that it was dark outside. It always is dark and I can’t remember ever seeing the sun in any of my projections. I floated upward and flew for some period of time before landing in the sea.

I was floating and was not scared at all I but could not lift from the water. The moon was bright and large. I began seeing faces in the moon. They were not threatening, but people that were unknown to me. I immediately called for help from my spirit guide. It seemed like it took a long time for the guide to arrive.

It began as a bright orb of light in the distance and got closer and closer but slowly. Finally the guide turned into a lady pleasant to the eye having auburn hair shoulder length and quite normal looking in nature. I asked if she was my guide and she said yes. I told her that I wanted to fly to New York or New Jersey to see the city and she reluctantly said yes. She said we had much more to talk about and learn rather than astral travel, but that she would accommodate me this time. She said that she had been having quite a time out of me in the past few years. Apparently meaning the past couple years have been really tough.

We began to travel northward in a vehicle like a large type delivery van similar to a UPS vehicle but white or light gray in color. I told her we were going really slow considering we could fly or immediately transfer there by thought. At that point I was on a ninja type motorcycle traveling at 200 mph. I know this because I looked at the speedometer. However, even though we were going so fast it seemed that we were getting nowhere. I told the guide that we had to hurry because my projections usually didn’t last long and I always woke up early. At that point the guides face changed.

She had a huge disfigured nose and then patches of black fur began to appear on her face similar to a gorilla. It wasn’t scary but somehow I knew that it was a sign that I was going to wake up shortly and sure enough, I woke up in moments.

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