Life Review

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This very important message was given to Bob Sander from the Great White Brotherhood about what happens after your incarnation on Earth has finished and you review your incarnation. This review can also happen during what it called a Near Death Experience (NDE) and is the same thing.

The Great White Brotherhood provide some very valuable wisdom for all to learn.


The message begins:

The life review is mainly concerned with the interplay of the person undergoing the life review.

It portrays the way the person lived and the reactions one had with various people that they interacted with.

This is because human life is considered to be more relevant to the person concerned than their interplay with other life forms: animal or vegetable.

However, for certain people who spent much of their life interacting with animals or vegetables, the importance in their life review is greater.

For instance, if someone was a gardener then, because of their close interaction with plants, they would play a greater role in their life review.

A person who spent much of their life working in an abattoir would, because of that close connection with the slaughter of animals, be very much aware of the harm that they caused to the animals with whom they were connected.

For the average meat eating person, the effect on their life review would be less.

However, the effect on their level of spirituality, and thus the area of heaven to which they would be drawn would be affected.

So, although that person would not be directly affected during the life review, their place in the heavenly spheres would be affected.

No one should consume the flesh and life force of human’s close relatives, the animal kingdom.

God created animals as part of the great experiment, not for the sordid satisfaction of human’s.


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