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The first message is in answer to what is a singularity.

It is a fact that something creates all that we see around us and most of what can be imagined.

People of a religious bent attribute all to a mysterious being called God and leave it at that.

Others, of a more scientific nature, try to comprehend the nature of life by measuring and analysing plants, animals, and humans.  When they butt up against events they cannot comprehend or measure they tend to turn away and ignore the problem.

On a slightly different tack some mathematicians try to analyse, mathematically, the way life is constructed and proudly announce the discovery of different theoretical dimensions represented by formulae traced on a blackboard.

None of these actions will uncover the reality of life because none of them are looking in the correct direction.

God, the creator of all that is, is not to be found in a theorem nor under a microscope nor yet by reading a holy book.

The simple truth is to recognise that all is one and that we are part and total of that oneness and we call that oneness God.

Further, that oneness is not a physical force.  It is a spiritual force of immense scope and power, capable of appearing in a number of dimensions simultaneously.

Thus, this God force can appear to be everywhere at once, assuming any form it chooses from the tiniest object imaginable to the greatest galaxy imaginable.

This force is capable of doing this in what appears to be the physical realm and up through all the various levels of reality, known as dimensions, simultaneously.

How can such an incredible feat be achieved?

To understand this it will be necessary for us to enter the realm of imagination.

Imagination is considered by most people to be illusion.  It is thought of as a childish way to look at life, not at all connected to reality and thus not worthy of serious study.

In fact, imagination is part of the spiritual makeup of man and is, in a large part, responsible for the world that is around us all both in a physical sense and in the spiritual dimensions.

It has been said that thoughts are things: it is true.

Thoughts create our reality, both the staid, limited thoughts of traditional religions and science and the vibrant flashes of genius a limited number of people are able to create.

Thoughts can be closely connected to imagination and can be combined so that instead of thoughts coming from the mind of the individual they are coming from the imagination of the person.

Imagination is closely connected to higher mind and imagination can be  linked to higher mind until the two – imagination and higher mind – can work together, hand in glove.

Then the individual, blessed with this creative power, will, indeed, be master of all he surveys because it will be his higher mind actually creating his reality and helping to influence the creation of all reality, as all are one and a higher mind released into reality by a powerful imagination  is capable of changing the destiny of all.

If we look at the global effect that the great masters: Jesus, Buddha, and various others, have had in influencing the world over considerable lengths of time, we can see the power of a trained imagination, working in conjunction with their higher mind, has had in educating the world to live in peace together.

Eventually we can see how the effect of evil people, using the same process, has caused great harm and damage to the world.

We must always realise that these two forces are constantly opposing each other in the effort to achieve their goal.

Good and evil are both aspects of the same force – higher mind and imagination – influencing world events.  The source is the same one force but the results are totally opposed.

How is it that this one, God force, can be poles apart?

The study of this will take us into another level of the spiritual force that we call “will”.

Will is imagination brought into action.

Imagination, all the time it remains in the mind is just a theoretical force.  However, when it is passed to an aspect of personality we call “will”, it then has the opportunity to take physical form.

This physical form can be in the physical realm of Earth or it can happen in the astral realms because they have a physical reality in their particular planes.

So imagination, working in conjunction with the higher mind, forms ideas, some of which are then passed to the will in order for there to be a physical effect.

So the physical effect of these three things; higher self, imagination and will, can and do have enormous impact both in physical reality and in astral reality.

The war between good and evil rages on!

This war, this battle between good and evil, will never be lost because the evil ones, who are trying to create chaos, are relatively few compared to the vast number of angelic forces, who all have their higher selves, imagination and will’s highly developed.   This positive energy, pouring into the astral realms, takes time to reach physical reality, so the evil ones, who operate directly in the physical plane, seem to have a free hand but, rest assured that, as and when the positive energy reaches the physical plane, it will negate the negative forces and peace will come to Earth.

So to return to how all this affects people incarnate at the moment.

We  have mentioned imagination, higher self and will.  We have also talked previously that we all create our own reality.

We have also mentioned God.

It is now time to try to draw these apparent disparate elements together in an attempt to clarify how our reality is constructed.

We have mentioned that the force we call God is an invisible, spiritual force.  God is the force that has created life but it has created just one life.

Everything that has existed, is existing and will exist in all the various dimensions of reality is created by this single, spiritual force we call God.

This being so, this single force  is entirely neutral, without any knowledge, aim or ambition.

It is just a force that has always existed and always will and it is alive.  It is the only thing that is alive in the whole multiverse.

But, over countless billions of years, measured in Earth time, this force we call God, in a way that not even the most knowledgeable of us fully understand, a change occurred and this life force was endowed with self awareness.

Where this effect came from is not known.  We accept that it occurred and, through this self awareness, all life as we now see it was created.

We must always bear in mind that this life force is one unique force.

We look around planet Earth with its myriad of different creatures, with all the rocks and stones, plants, the planet Earth herself and all the planets in the universe, including all the entities in different dimensions, and the totality is this one force.

That is why the universe is thus named.  It and all the entities associated with it are one.

But we must now consider why there appears to be so many separate, disparate elements to reality.

If all is one it would seem to be logical  that everything would be one huge object:  planets, plants people and animals would be one huge mass, but, clearly, this is not so.

It is obvious to the naked eye that each and every object from a grain of sand to the universe itself consists of countless separate elements.

We must search for the cause of this dichotomy.

The search will take us into another area called consciousness.

Everything in the universe is alive and is conscious.  Everything has a sense of self awareness and everything is struggling to separate from the one God force, as it strives to progress through the maze of thought forms swirling through the etheric and astral realms, to achieve its unique identity.

Why should life strive to do this?

Once again, each and every object has a higher mind – which is the God force itself – but each and every object feels the need to have a personal aspect of God, to realise that it is God itself.

This apparently selfish act is actually part of the God force itself driving all life to fulfil its goal which is to realise that it is God.

So everything strives to become the unique aspect of God to the exclusion of all other life forms striving to do the same.

So, in its drive to achieve this goal, it uses what ever tools are at its disposition to make this it’s reality.

The tools that everything has at its disposition are higher self, imagination and will.

This being so, every object, whatever its shape or form, whatever dimension it lives in, is doing all that it can to be the unique representation of God.

Thus, the higher mind, using imagination and will, creates a reality that it considers to be the best representation of the God force that it can.

Whilst each and every entity, from the smallest to the largest, realises that other entities also exist, its will, its ego drives it to be the one unique holder of the God force.

Now, once it was realised that this egocentric drive was happening, a group of arch angelic beings were charged with assisting all life in this drive.

We call the arch angelic beings the Directors of Life.

It was explained in previous messages that the Directors of Life controlled a singularity, a particle of matter that helped create people’s reality.

Although, in principle, this is so, it is not exactly true because this particle is the God force which is not physical.  A physical force was described in order to illustrate the point being made.

Now is the time to be more explicit.  This particle is actually the God force.

However, this particle does not play an active role in the construction of reality, as was explained.

It is true that the God force is everyone’s higher self – all life, not just humans – but it is not actually true that it is flashing about creating the illusion of all life.

Once again, this was used to demonstrate a concept in an easy to understand fashion.

Mention was made earlier of consciousness.

Consciousness works in conjunction with higher self and imagination.

In our quest to realise self awareness, our oneness with God, we use our higher mind, our imagination, our will and our consciousness to create a unique world in which we live.

Each and every person creates his own unique reality as was explained in earlier talks.

Now we must  address what is the particle flashing about creating our reality?

Quite simply it is our consciousness.  So consciousness is life and life is God.

As we all have consciousness, it is every object’s consciousness that creates its reality no matter what it is, from a grain of sand to a galaxy.

It is considered that man is the most aware of God’s creations – whatever dimension he is living in – so the Directors of Life devote a lot of their attention to helping man in creating his reality.

Many people have now realised  that the creation of reality is actually an illusion.

This statement is both true and untrue.  It is true that, because each and every one creates his own reality, it must be a form of illusion but, at the same time, for the person who has created this reality, it does appear real.

However, as we progress along the path to understanding what reality is, we start to realise that we are, in fact, creating a reality that serves us at the time and for that moment, but that reality changes constantly as our awareness of what is and what is not alters.

So we realise that all is real at the moment that we experience it but it is not total reality.

In fact, there is no reality until that far off day when we rejoin the Godhead.

Everything else is just  a momentary tool, a momentary experience that we create in this somewhat desperate attempt to grasp God.

So we must do what we can to realise that we live in at least two worlds.

There is the world of momentary reality that we create and then we must be aware that, as we progress from that reality into a different one, that the past reality was, in fact, just an illusion that our various elements created in order to help us deal with that moment.

Then we create a new reality and grasp that also before it slips away to be replaced by yet another temporary moment of  created reality.

This goes on almost eternally, from after our incarnation is finished here on Earth until, as was mentioned, we rejoin the God force from whence we came.

However, nothing is wasted.  All those temporary realities that came and went are fed into the God force, that is our higher self, and all life benefits from the experiences.

This is part of the nature of creation, the divine interplay of forces like an ocean, the waves rising and falling as each wave of creation seeming so real, crashes onto the beach to be replaced by another following close behind.

Just as the waves of an ocean are endlessly created and destroyed, so our realities come and go, one after another leading us on to perfection through imagination.

Reality finally replacing imagination.

The second is about parallel universes.

It is a fact that all life is moving forward to perfection.  That is the nature of life.  Nothing remains stationary, so life is in perpetual motion either moving forwards towards growth or backwards towards elimination.

The Archangelic beings, the directors of life (DOL) that control life do their best to propel life forward towards perfection because a momentary lapse of attention on their behalf would permit the elements also propelling life towards corruption to gain entry to that life and some form of disease would be introduced that would cause the extinction of that life.

As the DOL, trying to propel life towards perfection, cannot achieve this end without assistance a plan was created to assist them.

This plan we call parallel universes.

This term is not exactly correct as universes do not actually exist.  There are no universes.  There is nothing, beyond the life force that all things have, that enables them to exist.

All life is one so all different forms of life are one unique life force.

Equally, as universes do not exist, there cannot be endless universes to which life can move to.

There can be no endless planes of existence into which life can travel.

There is only one life therefore only one level of life.

All else is illusion.

However, this illusion can be made to appear real to enable life to evolve towards perfection.

Thus the DOL have created a number of illusionary planes of existence and a number of events that help life in its journey along the path to God.

Thus it is that we have the concept of heaven and hell, of planes and dimensions that people have studied over the years in an attempt to quantify life.

Amongst these different artificial realities, people have created the concept of parallel universes.

Parallel universes have been described as alternative areas of time and space to which people are able to move rather as if they are moving into endless rooms in a palace, each room decorated differently and each room containing a series of actors performing different plays.

Thus if people move into these different rooms they are able to watch the plays being performed in these rooms or theatres.

However, plays are works of fiction and, once the play is finished, both the actors and the spectators would leave that place and it would remain empty until another work of fiction was performed there.

In a similar fashion, people feel the need to explore these rooms and observe the play being performed.

Once the performance terminated, the spectator, who was observing the play, would have the choice either to remain in an empty room or to move to another room and watch another performance.

These rooms, these theatres, would continue endlessly, presenting a never ceasing variety of plays, each one slightly different from the previous one.

These rooms are called universes, but all they are, are areas of life in which actors are performing fiction presented as fact.  The changing scenery, the coming and going of actors, each one playing his part so well that the observer, (you, member of the public), would be caught up in the performance and believe it, laughing and crying as the actors perform until, at the end, the curtain closes and that play ceases.

However, it is fiction, so well presented that we accept it as real.

Artificial life presented as reality.

Now, we must attempt to see through this illusion, to withdraw from the play acting and try to find the one room where there are no fictional plays and reality lies.

This room lies within our heart, within our soul.  The actors cannot come into those areas.  The only person allowed into the heart is that being that we call our higher self.

Our higher self cannot be caught up in the illusions of theatrical performances.  It has no need of being entertained, of being distracted by illusionary events.

The higher self seeks one thing: truth.

Thus the higher self is not found in a theatre.  It remains in the real world and has no desire to be distracted by theatrical performances, no matter how real they may seem.

Thus, to go back to the concept of alternative realities, parallel universes.  They are incorrectly named.  It would be better to name them “ alternative falsehoods”.

The truth of the matter is this. We create these rooms, these theatres, these alternative realities with our mind, seeking distraction from the play that we are currently observing.

Thus if our mind follows that path it will move from room to room seeking a more entertaining play to watch.

It will be fighting a losing battle. All the plays it will watch, as it moves from room to room, from reality to reality, it will become disappointed in eventually as it will be seen to be almost identical to the previous one that the spectator had just left and had found unsatisfactory.

So what is the answer to this dilemma?  How do we find a play that will satisfy us?

We don’t!

The answer is to turn inwards and let our heart reveal the truth that is hidden within it.

Then, and only then, will we find a performance that will satisfy the yearning of the soul because we will not be looking at a representation of life, a play, we will be looking at life itself.

We will be looking at the truth that God created for our delight, not an artificial representation of what our mind thinks that God’s truth might be like.


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