Who Is God

It is very difficult to break through people’s vision of who God is.

God is the force that creates life. That is all. God creates life.

God is not concerned with human, animal, plant or alien experiences. Certainly, this force that we call God grows in wisdom (if we can use such a word in relation to a force that is not concerned with our experiences) but its primary function is to create life – the God particle.

As I have said in various videos, this God particle is passed down to beings known as “the directors of life” and they pass it on to your oversoul who creates someone.

If you decide to incarnate here on Earth, it is in full knowledge that you will have moments of pain and suffering as well as moments of happiness and joy.

This is part of the accelerated master class towards perfection that you decided to take.

You would have spent ages in heaven to grow in experience as you will do in one incarnation here.

So, don’t blame God for all that happens.

Thank God that you are here following this master class in life and all the various experiences are just tests, like you would receive in school.

If you can, accept the bad things and the good things. Life sends them to us to test our faith in God.

These tests are saying, ‘Do you have faith that I, God, will look after you?’ You have to answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

It is not actually God sending you these tests, it is the angels that work for God, but it comes to the same thing.



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