AURAS – Interpretation & Comprehension Book

On this page you are able to download the book; AURAS – Interpretation & Comprehension in PDF or various other formats. In the future more formats will be available for text. You will find the book for download at the bottom of this page.

You may also read the book online from this website by clicking here.

Please note that, if you prefer, AURA’s – Interpretation & Comprehension is also available for sale as a paperback book on Amazon. Please click on this link to learn more.

IMPORTANT! You may see that this book is available on Amazon, in Kindle format for a high listing price, please do not purchase the book though Amazon as an eBook download. You can get the exact same book for free here and currently on Smashwords and at other online retailers. The reason the price of the book is not free on Amazon is because Amazon does not allow authors or publishers to list their books for free, so you need to tell Amazon that you found the books for free on other sites. Please use the following instructions to tell Amazon that the book is for free; about half way down the page, you will find a question like this: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Please click on that link, follow the instructions and add any or all of the following websites to the little box that shows up after you click on the link:

To add this website to Amazon, copy and paste the website address (URL) from this page and paste it in – e.g. https://www.thegreatwhitebrotherhood…/books/auras… and so on.

Sorry for any confusion or worry, but this is the process with Amazon, they are the only major online retailer that will not allow the author or publisher to list a free book.

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If you have any issues downloading the book please let us know by contacting us.