Difficult Life Plan – Mental Illness

Please understand that you are not mentally ill. You are as sane as anyone.
However, you chose a difficult life plan. You chose to incarnate with those emotions / personalities in order to experience what it feels like to have those experiences.
Behind all that, you – the real you – is a sane person playing the role of an ill person.
I don’t know if you can understand that?
If you can understand, please accept that all is one. You and I are, actually, the same person but we play different roles to have different experiences.
I am sane and so, you are sane. You have to be as all is one.

It is just that you chose a difficult incarnation.

This implies that you are an advanced person. If you were not, you would have chosen an easier incarnation.
So, you don’t have to be ill. If you can see that it is just a role that you are playing and, behind the scenes you are a sane person, you can start to change.
Please think about this and you can change your life plan and shake off these negative emotions.
They are not real. They are a role you are playing like in a play or a film. You are acting a role.
So, try to find the real you and you can stop playing that role of a sick person.

You are to be congratulated on having the courage and the skill to choose such a difficult incarnation.
Also, never forget that you are never alone. You have, at all times, a guide that was attributed to you many years ago and is looking after you like a loving parent.

We all have such a guide.

This guide will let you lead your life as you choose but he is always there and, if you ask him to help you, he will. He won’t speak to you and he won’t perform miracles but he will help and guide you just as a loving parent would.
This help is done behind the scenes but he will be there, pulling the strings to help you.

So, when you feel depressed, remember, it is just a role that you are playing and that your guide is there to help you.

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