14 Etheric Cities

These so called “14 Etheric cities” are, of course, just analogies for other positive forces acting to help people here on Earth.
They are not cities at all but are focus points – portals, if you wish – that can be activated at appropriate moments to negate negative actions by the evil ones.
They have other functions connected to keeping planet Earth in balance.
Now, obviously, certain factions of the GWB are involved in surveying these portals because the actions of the GWB extend far beyond helping and healing people. We help to heal the planet also.
We will not comment on just how many of these focal points there are nor of their locations. Suffice to say that there are sufficient, correctly placed, to fulfil the task of keeping planet Earth and all life on it in balance as far as people’s free will allows us to do.
We do not approve of the spiritual terms in which the message concerning these “cities” was couched. The portals and their effects could be described in layman’s terms and it would be better so to do.
Hiding simple physics truths in spiritual verbiage is not helpful and we hope that it will stop so that the actual truth can be presented to the public.

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