Like all artificial intelligence, 5G is capable of extreme good or evil.
Naturally, as it unfolds, it’s capabilities will be regarded as good or evil according to the intentions of the people affected by it.

For instance, constant surveillance in the streets will be considered good by people who feel protected by it but bad by those wishing to cause harm.

We must say that the aims of those promoting 5G are to reduce freedom but, if people are not doing anything harmful, people have little to fear from 5G

We in heaven live by a very similar communication system.
All people in heaven have immediate access to the thoughts and actions of all.
So, we live in peace together.
Anyone in heaven who has negative thoughts is instantly, by the law of mutual attraction, drawn to an area that corresponds to his negative thoughts and thus disappears from the view of good people.

So, we view 5G as capable of positive attributes. But it needs to be surveyed by all to see that people’s rights are not abused.

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