Q:  Are all the abductions fake and done by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)?

A:  The so-called alien scene is more complicated than that.
Certainly, there are a number of abductions created by the MIC but, equally, there are abductions created by the Greys.  The military ones are created to cause fear among the general population.  Now this is more complicated than that. The MIC know that various alien groups exist and some of them have given an ultimatum to the MIC (disclosure) or they will reveal themselves to the public. So, the MIC want the general population to fear this disclosure and believe that all aliens are evil, which is not at all the case.
Hence, they do a number of unpleasant things to people in an attempt to cause fear.
Also, the MIC gave permission to the greys to abduct people and perform experiments so that the Greys could develop their agenda.

So, the answer to your question is that both the MIC and the Greys are behind the abductions.
This will stop, eventually, when the good aliens push their agenda and disclosure happens and people lose their fear of abductions.  The good aliens will stop the Greys and banish them and we humans will banish the MIC.
Then will aliens and humans work together for the betterment of all mankind.
We, the GWB, are doing what we can to assist in creating love and peace on Earth.
The ascension process is central to this advancement and now is the time when the great change will occur.

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