Abortion is not the sin that people imagine.

The baby in the womb of the mother is merely a sort of growth inside the mother. It does not become a full human being until the moment of birth, when the spirit of God merges with it.

However, abortion is a very traumatic experience for most people.


Hello Bob, I recently read page on your Great White Brotherhood website, the page is called “Abortion”

When I read that “the baby is not animated by the spirit of god until the moment of birth” if this is the case, how can the baby move around and kick like it is already alive and conscious while in the womb, a non-conscious being cannot move at all.


The mother is alive and, thus, able to move.
The foetus in her womb is part of the mother and, thus, as the mother has her life force active, allowing her to animate her own body, a part of that life force touches the foetus and permits the foetus to move.
But the life force permitting the foetus to move is coming from the mother, not the foetus.

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