AI Reincarnation Trick

When someone dies, can they be fooled into accepting an AI hologram as a friend or guide who, instead of taking that person to heaven will bring them back to Earth for another round – another incarnation?

Although AI exists and holograms exist, it is not possible for any AI to collect a dying person nor animal.
AI exists as a mental interference and does not have the ability to appear in the astral realms.

As soon as a person is dying, a message is sent by his higher self to our sphere ( the higher 4th) and a suitable person is selected to attend the dying person. This may be a relative or a person that might appear as an angel. That person would not be an angel but would appear very bright.

As we have said elsewhere, if the dying person is advanced in spirituality, he/she would have the higher self generate a portal seen as the tunnel of light which would transport the astral version of the now deceased person to heaven.
Otherwise, whoever has come to assist the last moments would conduct the dead person to heaven.

But in no case could AI interfere nor is their any web around the Earth to stop a person going to heaven.
This information is unbridled fantasy and must be eliminated from so called “collective wisdom”.

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