The entity known as Alaje is a thought form from a higher dimension that takes physical form to educate us to the truth of higher consciousness.

We could compare him to Jesus, although he is not Jesus but, just as Jesus came to educate us about what is called Christ consciousness, Alaje teaches about cosmic consciousness which is the same thing but expressed in modern terms.

He says he comes from the Pleiades but that is not quite the truth.

He comes from the heavenly spheres but, because, for the new age movement, they accept more easily spiritual beings from the Pleiades rather than from the heavenly spheres, he states that. Thus, the people he interacts with can accept him without asking awkward questions about how he manufactures his body and clothes.

Now, regarding reincarnation. He is, of course, aware that we only come to planet Earth once but he is also aware that we can gain experience in other, auric, domains both before and after an Earthly incarnation.

The aim and objective of his being here is to teach us to open our hearts to spirituality, not to be involved in answering endless questions about experiences to be gained by visiting other astral planets.

Thus he talks in a way acceptable to most people and mentions reincarnation.

This enables him to make his point without raising unwanted questions about other domains, experiences, other alien life areas, and how he creates a body when he visits us.

The term “thought form” refers to angelic beings that were never physical in the sense that we humans are or were. So we could consider him to be, in his astral form, a thought of God and of the very high beings that work for God creating all that is in all the various dimensions. So we could call Alaje an angel although we were reluctant to use that term because of the connotations with the religious world, much of which is inaccurate.

So, we repeat, Alaje is a being – if we can thus express it – that comes from the highest dimensions, assumes physical form for a while, teaching cosmic wisdom before returning to the higher dimensions for a while to resource himself, it’s self.  Then he returns to continue his mission.

Alaje assumes a male form because males tend to be more easily accepted as authoritative figures than female forms.

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