Aliens: Interdimensional Beings

It must be understood that all beings of human origins have to be somewhere.
There are a number of planes, dimensions, areas and constructs which can house humans.  Most aliens are humans that have chosen to take a different route to us.

Now, we have mentioned in various talks that all is illusion, no matter how real it all seems.  Thus, wherever the beings that you refer to as aliens are, they are creating their realities just as you and we do.
It may seem real but is just created by individual and collective consciousness.
For anyone who does not understand, we refer them to the various lectures and essays that we have given on the subject.

In the matter of aliens, they do not normally reside in the dimensions that we have described in talks concerning mankind in relation to Earth, but there are, as we have explained elsewhere, a number of alternative realities, each one containing life, some similar to ours and some vastly different from ours.

All is one, so these alternative realities must be connected in some way to our realities.
We will try to explain how the alternative realities interrelate to ours using the example of how carpets or tapestries are made.

Imagine, if you will, a frame awaiting a picture to be created.  There will be a number of vertical cords strung on a frame – the warp, as they are termed – and a number of shuttles containing different colored threads – the weft.

So the work begins.
A thread of, say, blue is shot backwards and forwards across the frame for a certain number of times.
Then a thread of a different color is shot back and forth.
Then threads of yet another color are shot back and forth and, gradually, a picture is formed.

Now, imagine that the first shuttle formed life as we know it.  Then the second shuttle contained life of a different reality.  Then a third shuttle contained life of yet another reality.
We hope that you can see in this feeble attempt to describe how different realities remain separate but, together, form a whole that we see as a picture, the way that life is constructed.

If you use your imagination you should be able to visualise that certain colors represent our dimensions but, interposed between our dimensions, are threads of other colors which represent other realities.
But, collectively, they make a whole – a single picture.

Thus it is that we can say that aliens come from dimensions between our dimensions and yet, if we look at all collectively, we see one picture.  That picture we call God.

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