Angels And Good Spirits


I know they like to be present in areas where is there is positive energy or atmosphere. So, does that mean a happy family will have their house filled with these creatures?

What will be the effect of that?

My intuition tells me the effect is gradual like a snow ball, very big at the end.

What about the opposite: a dysfunctional family house will be filled with Archons and demons?

Does the GWB likes to stick around areas of harmony and positive feelings?

I think it is important for the people to know this to encourage love and harmony.


In life, there are many forces at play. Not just angels or demons.

In fact, angels will normally only be attracted to places where good works/deeds are carried out for the public.

Similarly, demons would only be attracted to places where evil is carried out with the public.

However, love is a real and vibrant force and can attract positive entities.

Similarly, hate will attract negative entities.

These would not be angels or demons but positive or negative thought forms which will affect a house either positively or negatively.

Normally, Archons or demons would not be present in a private home.

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