Annunaki Human Genetic Manipulation

Did the Anunnaki genetically modify humanity long ago?

We could answer in the affirmative but that would not be entirely correct.
It is true that the Anunnaki did visit planet Earth long ago and it is also true that they interacted with an early form of humanity but it is not true that, through their interference with that early race, they effectively created the beings alive now that you call Homo Sapiens. In other words, you.

They, the Annunaki, being evil entities, did manipulate, mentally, the humans that were naturally drawn towards evil, just as the Archons, today, manipulate naturally evil people but it is not true that they genetically modified humanity to become a different species.

Only God’s Archangels, also known as the Directors of Life, can do that and they have been genetically modifying all life countless times a second for countless years.

So, we do not agree that the Annunaki or the Archons have ever genetically modified humanity.
But we do agree that both negative groups have overshadowed naturally evil groups of humans to become more like them, i.e.; evil.

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