The Annunaki are a group of evil, astral beings that have plagued the galaxy for eons of time.
They are sometimes linked to the Archons and, certainly, in their actions resemble them but are a different species of entity.
Their origin is unknown.
What is known about them is that they contain no positive thoughts, are not living in any way that we would recognise as life but, nevertheless, do exist as thinking entities.
Like the Archons, they possessed the minds of humans long ago and are actually seen by the Archons as competitors.
Their influence on humanity has lessened more recently as the Archons have pushed them out from planet Earth but they still exist.

Like all the negative forces, they will be expelled as we move more and more into the light now shining on us.
Their life essence is difficult to describe as it does not correspond to anything with which humanity is familiar.

Velon is another name for the Annunaki.

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