Answer To My Prayer?

Why might a prayer take so long before it is answered? Is it because we block our blessings or some other reason?

There are a number of reasons for that.
1. When we want a prayer to be answered, it depends on how we pray.
2. It depends on what we ask for.
3. It depends on the urgency that we require a response.
I could go on and on.
But the trick with prayer is to realize that God already knows our needs. So, we don’t ever pray for something – or at least I don’t. I thank God for looking after me, which he does as he knows my needs.
In fact, I never ask for any help for me as I know that God, his archangels, my guides and countless others are already looking after me, my family and all my loved ones.
If you only knew, the same applies to you and to everyone.
If we pray for something, whatever it is, it demonstrates a lack of faith that God is already caring for us – which he is.
So, my advice to you is never pray for anything.
Just thank God for the answer to your problems that is already on its way.
Obviously, if you need to take some action do so, but always ask for guidance before taking action so that all the angels and guides that look after you can help you to take action in accordance with what they are doing to solve your problem.
So, if you pray to God, just thank him for his guidance and for the solution that he is sending.
Then, take whatever action you deem necessary; phone calls, letters, emails or whatever, but pray for guidance before doing anything and then leave your problem in God’s capable hands.
You will be helped and your problem solved.

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