If, as we have said, gravity is a form of love – in an esoteric form that we term gravity – then by implication, anti gravity must be the opposite.
The opposite to love is normally termed hate but those terms have no meaning in speaking about gravity.
The normal definitions of love and hate are meaningless in terms of gravity or anti gravity. Even the term ‘the law of mutual attraction’ is on the very limit of any meaning.
Gravity, certainly, was invented so as to keep mother Earth’s possessions close to her but the planet Earth, although alive, does not have any sentiments that are like that felt by humans.
As we have often said there are not words enough to cover the gamut of emotions that exist in God’s Kingdom.

So, to return to anti gravity, it is quite simply a force in opposition to the attractive force of the Earth.
It is generated by using vibrations that are in opposition to those generated by Earth.
We have said over and over again that everything is created by this force we call God. God is light – starlight – and light is vibration (frequency).
Everything in creation, whether visible or not is a subset of prime creation so everything has a frequency that enables whatever it is to exist.

Gravity is vibration so once one can calculate that frequency it can be used either to attract an object to Earth by using that frequency or to create a repelling force by reversing the frequency.
Then, instead of being attracted to Earth, the object is repelled.
That is anti gravity.
Anti gravity is the Earth’s frequency but projected in opposition to that frequency. The greater the power projected, the greater the repelling force and so the quicker the object generating that force is repelled.

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