It is not easy to fully understand just who the Anunnaki are because, as is so often the case, the waters have been muddied by false information that has entered “collected wisdom” so, in order to accept what we will say, people will have to unlearn what they think they know about this group.

The Anunnaki are a non-physical group of entities that entered our reality – in astral form – a long time ago.

We would like to give a figure in years but, it will be rather meaningless as life has come and gone due to various Extinction Level Events – ELE’s many times.

Life in human form can be traced back for many millions of years and we can say that however long human life has existed, the Anunnaki were already here.
So, in astral form, this group preceded humanity as we know it, i.e., in physical form.

If this group exist, they must have an origin.
Now, as far as we are aware, the Annunaki came from a life system not connected to ours.
By that we mean that, outside of the galaxies that make our reality, there are others that live by different rules.

We are giving you a book, number 7 in this series, which will attempt to explain at least one of these alternative realities and the Anunnaki were in one of those areas.

Life in those areas is totally different, totally unconnected to any form of life as we can imagine it either in physicality or in the astral dimensions.

Therefore, it just happened that in, or on one of those life areas, a group of astral entities were formed that we would consider to be without any form of “humanity”, by which we imply that the basic modus operandi of planet Earth is love – or should be.
This applies to all the dimensions.

Even what we considered to be the negative planes and the negative dimensions, if one can step back far enough really to see the big picture, is connected to love because, as we have explained, we need the destructive forces to help keep existence in balance.

So, no matter how unlikely this seems, our galaxy, our dimensions, are basically positive and positivity implies love in the broadest sense.

We are not referring to sexual attraction or even family union.

We refer to a force that permits life in all its attributes to come together and create more life.
We refer to positivity.
We refer to trying to bring harmony and all the aspects that make life work.
This attitude is the basis on which our whole multiverse is founded.

But not all multiverses are like that.
There are, in other areas, other multiverses (and there are many), that have as their foundation, other rules.

The one the Anunnaki came from was created using negativity as it’s baseline.

You must understand that what we refer to as God is endless.
There are versions of God in other areas and those versions are seeking experience endlessly.
It just so happens that the version of God that creates our reality chose positivity (love) as the modus operandi of creation.

Also, it just happened that in another area of creation, that version of God chose to explore negativity (the opposite of love).

Therefore, the beings that were placed in that area reflected the creative force of that version of God.
In other words, this version of God created, in astral form, beings totally lacking in anything that we would associate with love.

Over time, some of these beings decided to explore the astral realms remote from their area and discovered our reality.

At that time there was not much going on in our reality as humans had not yet been formed, at least not in any recognisable form.

So, a group of these beings (Anunnaki) installed themselves in the astral realms.
We can say that the eight dimensions had been formed but there was no life as we know it in any of them.

The question we might ask is what dimension did they attach themselves to?

We wish you to understand that, although there are eight dimensions in our reality, they are not more holy or spiritual as people imagine.
Dimension one or dimension eight, although being of different frequencies (as we have explained in various books) are not different in the sense of anyone of them being of a higher spiritual level than another.
They are all the same in that sense.

It is also true that all life, no matter where it is, consists of vibrations (frequencies).
No matter what version of God we are considering, they all consist of vibrations.

So, these Anunnaki consist of vibrations.
Their frequencies are not the same as ours but, at the same time, vibrations are vibrations and as the dimensions are created of vibrations, the Anunnaki were able to install themselves in a dimension which, we remind you, was largely empty as far as any life as we know it is concerned.

But, when life was installed by our God’s Archangels, these Archangels needed the dimensions to put our life forms in and so, as each dimension was required for some purpose, the Anunnaki were chased to an empty dimension and then moved on each time that dimension was required.

Eventually, the only place that was left in which they could install themselves was the Etheric realm. Even though the third dimension is not being used at the moment, the Archangels refused to allow them to camp there and so they set up home in at least one of the realms of the Etheric.

The Etheric contains many levels of different vibrations and, although it serves a vital function for life, it has sufficient layers that it can be used as a dumping ground for a number of rejects from normal life.
Limbo is in the Etheric for example.

So, to this day the Anunnaki are to be found in the Etheric realm which, unfortunately, is so close to physicality that it is possible for them to influence negative people.

Therefore, for long ages, as the Anunnaki are totally without love, if they can find people who also live without love, they can link with – overshadow them – and that person finds his negativity reinforced.

But, we remind you, the Anunnaki are always non-physical and don’t, themselves, have any form, being just energy, so the person being overshadowed would not find his features altering as he might if he was being overshadowed by reptilians, for example.

So, the Anunnaki influenced, in a negative form, a number of negative people over many millions of years.

The personalities of Anunnaki are the complete opposite to what any decent human might be.

They are cold, in a spiritual sense, without emotion, without any sense of caring for other people.

They have a strong sense of self survival although, being non-physical, they cannot be harmed.

They are a different species to the Archons. But, though they are different, their aims and objectives are similar.

You may well ask why the Archangels, charged with creating all that exists in our area of life, permitted them to stay at all?
The answer is that our Archangels have respect for all of God’s creations, whatever form they take, and so allowed them to stay.

The good news is that as we move into Ascension, this inflow of positivity will reach all levels, physical and non-physical, and it may be that the Anunnaki will not like to stay in an area full of love and will move away.
We must also say that planet Earth has moved through a number of the swings of the Pendulum and they have merely shut down their operations, waiting until the Pendulum of life swung back into negativity again before revealing themselves once more.

But, fortunately for us, we are moving into positivity, so we can expect their influence to decrease dramatically.

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