Are there “hospitals” in Heaven?

Thank you for following the information we put on YouTube.
At the end of your comment you said that perhaps we were not meant to know the truth about life in the Heavenly spheres. Until recently that was so, but the Great White Brotherhood have been tasked by beings above them to give us as much information as possible about the way life works in all the dimensions. That is why our channel exists.
As we move into ascension we cannot be wise unless we have as much information as possible.
You mentioned that you doubted that hospitals exist in the fourth dimension.
I have seen these hospitals and know that they exist.
To understand, you have to realize that although we no longer have a physical body we do still have all the emotions and feelings that we had whilst in incarnation.
So, if, for example, someone had lost a leg during their lifetime on Earth, they would go to the fourth dimension with the memory of that missing leg still prominent in their mind. The fourth dimension appears just as physical as Earth appears to us. It is just a different frequency.
In these hospitals the mind of the individual concerned would be adjusted so that he no longer felt that he had a missing leg.
Other people that had had a traumatic life would have their minds healed so that the trauma of their incarnation was repaired.
Although, as you said, the person is just a spirit force, he can be made to imagine that he has a physical body. And so, on the hospital bed he appears as if he was a person on Earth.
He has what looks like a physical body.
This may be difficult to comprehend but is so.
With regards to having positive or negative thoughts, we arrive in the fourth dimension exactly as we were on Earth but minus our physical body. Our thoughts and emotions remain the same, so if someone had negative thoughts on Earth he arrives in the fourth dimension (Heaven) with those same thoughts.
Life in the Heavenly spheres is very much a continuation of the life we lead on Earth. All the thoughts and emotions that we had on Earth we take with us into the fourth dimension.

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