Artificial Intelligence – AI

Its like every tool, a good slave but a bad master.
Now, my guides have already warned me of the danger of AI.  At the moment, our technology is so primitive that there is nothing to worry about as regards what humans can create.
But, there is already alien (grey) AI in the etheric realm that is influencing anyone who opens themselves to this influence.
The AI, obviously, is invisible because it is in the etheric realm so there is nothing to see physically but it is constantly blasting information into the minds of people who open themselves to it.
Now, you may have noticed the rapid increase of AI in our world already.  Modern cars are full of AI controlling the lights, windshield wipers, engine functions and on and on.  This is wonderful if you own a modern car.  Soon, they will be self driving.
Also, we have telephones, computers and all sorts of toys that have AI in them – fridges and so on.
All the time this AI is at our service it is OK but the evil ones are getting us used to AI so that we accept it and then they can move on to the next step which is to add AI to our make up.  At that point, the trap will close.
Our thoughts and actions will no longer be under our control but influenced by the AI agenda which is to take humanity over.
You may remember all the talk of alien (grey) abductions and the attempt to create human/alien hybrids.  That failed so what they are now doing is to set up a system where their minds can take over ours in order to implement their evil agenda.
AI is an essential part of this agenda.
It is difficult to know how to stop it because people can’t wait to get the latest AI gadgets so are playing into the alien’s hands.

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