Ascension & Animals

As we rise in Ascension and as those who are still asleep or evil, gradually come to the end of their incarnations and disappear, so the abuse of animals and the poisoning of plants will stop.

Carnivorous animals will be fed with artificial meat, so they will have no need to kill to survive.
All animals will gradually lose their fear of man and we will live in peace and harmony together.

Plants will stop being poisoned with horrible chemicals and there is some suggestion that vegan food will be created by some artificial means that will not harm even plants.

As we move more and more into Ascension, animal and plant life rights will be accepted as normal.
So, although animals will not actually rise in Ascension, as Ascension mostly concerns humans, nevertheless the quality of their lives will change dramatically and they will be treated as true living beings, not so very different from us.


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