Aspects of God

It is true that we are all aspects of God, but that does not mean that we have access to the full power of God.

We have our own consciousness, that may or may not approach the God level.

Through meditation and following the path to God, it is possible to allow more of the God spirit to access our lives and make us more God-like.
However, initially, we are influenced by the negative forces that batter us from the moment of our birth until the moment of our release from incarnation.
It is our job to develop the ability to reject these negative forces to allow the God spirit to start to manifest in us.

So, until we reach that point, we need to ask for protection, and that protection comes from angels that are closer to God then us. Eventually, the God spirit will gain access in us to the point we no longer require protection but, until that happens, we need to ask for protection.
It is all a question of how much of our God spirit we can access and allow it to manifest in us.

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