The Auras – are versions of you standing on planets, in galaxies, in universes, all repeated seven times – eight if you count our 3d World. So, you have the whole universe repeated another seven times, each universe on an ever higher vibration to this one; that is why you can’t see them with the naked eye.

Each version of you is, however, connected via the etheric double and the chakras to you (this 3D body).

Can you understand that?

However, it is further complicated by the fact the you, the person who looks back at you in a mirror, is not in fact you at all.  You are a spiritual force.  You just use your body in order to relate to life here on planet Earth.

Your body is just a robot, a puppet, that the YOU animates.  If you could see YOU, you would just look like an orb of light.  But that orb contains your spirit of God, your personality and all the other emotions that make YOU.  Can you understand that? Now, all the various YOU’s that are in these other frequencies are also orbs of light.  They are attached to your body via the chakras, as I said above.

However, and this is difficult to understand, if you add them all up, they still make YOU!  All eight versions of YOU actually make, in total YOU.

This might be difficult to understand.  I said it was complicated.

The seven versions of YOU that are located in various versions of the spirit world have different functions that have been talked about by mystics.  They talk of the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body and so on.  Don’t even try to understand all that, it will drive you crazy unless you have the sort of mind that some Indian people have that love to put things in boxes.  I can’t be bothered with all that.  There is no need.

It is enough to know that these various versions of YOU, that actually would look like orbs of light, are attached to various parts of your body and each version of YOU projects a different thought or emotion into you.

These orbs of light – that are versions of YOU – we call Auras.

So, there is you, your body with its brain, YOU, the spirit that animates it and seven different versions of YOU that are attached to your body and interact with YOU.  The total of it all is YOU.  Did I not say that it was difficult to understand?

Now, these other versions of YOU, when you are born are very undeveloped, like having seven babies attached to you.  Through meditation, we can pour spiritual energy into them and they grow to manhood, so to speak. When this happens, YOU are a complete person like Jesus was.

There is your body, the YOU that is in your body and all these seven versions of YOU that are fully active and the YOU that is in your body can contact them and get all the information that they contain. If and when this happens, there is no limit to what you can do. I will not elaborate on this because, if you tried to do advanced things without having your seven YOU’s full operational, you would fail. That is about all that I can say for the moment concerning the auras – versions of YOU.

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