Bad News

There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself informed about current affairs.

The mistake is, to identify with them.

If you think about it, the vast majority of things that happen, do not touch you at all, so why should you react?

The TV stations and media websites bombard you with bad news so that you feel depressed all the time – that gives food to the Archons.

But that bad news is not touching you.  It is not your bad news.

We are taught to carry other people’s luggage about with us like Jacob Marley dragging boxes around with him.

The bad news is supposed to make us depressed.  The good news is supposed to give us a moment of childish joy.

But none of it concerns us directly.

So, my advice is to watch the “news” for what it is.  Just points of information that have no connection with us and should not disturb our equilibrium.

Our peace of mind should not be affected by events that are not our problem.

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