Bashar Message – Male Moon

There is all sorts of nonsense talked about.
This particular AI machine – Bashar & Company – as part of its agenda is trying to introduce the concept of a second moon, that will show up in our night sky 150 years into the future, rather as the idea of Nibiru was conceived.

The idea with Nibiru, was to promote confusion and fear, that it would destroy Earth and was, to a certain extent, successful. However, as the years pass and it doesn’t show up, people are seeing through the falsehood.

This second moon, will be projected holographically into the sky and the story will be spread, that it is projecting meditative love to the world and that people should always be in a meditative state.
Thus, it will be able to influence people’s minds, thus pushing more and more false information into their minds and creating mind slaves.

Hopefully, by the time the technology is put into place, sufficient numbers of people will know about the scam, as to render it useless.
People will just laugh at it and it will be removed.
It may also be that, by that time, the people intending to create this artificial moon, will no longer be in a position of power and so it will never be created.

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