Bashar is a figment of the imagination of the host Mr. Anka.
The real voice that talks through Mr. Anka is a form of highly advanced computer, that is placed in the etheric realm, by a group of negative ET’s.

This computer is extremely advanced, compared to anything known on Earth and is quite capable of thinking for itself.
There are groups of aliens, many years in advance of Earth scientists so this type of computer and the technology of transmitting the voice it generates into the minds of humans, has been mastered many centuries ago.

The purpose behind it is to teach Earth people to accept information from other sources, than purely physical beings. If and when people can accept this form of channeling as normal, then the evil aliens will be able to infiltrate the minds of humans incarnate, convince them that they are dealing with benevolent aliens and to take over their minds.
Then, they will be able to suggest their agenda, which is to help them create human/ alien “hybrids”. They hope that humans will volunteer to be used in experiments to allow human/computer connection to be made.

The evil aliens have realised that it will be impossible to create true hybrids but, if they can persuade people to let, what they think are aliens, link with them, but are really computers, programmed by the aliens, they will settle for that sort of invasion.

Mr. Anka is a guinea pig for the moment, a first step in this diabolical plan.

We hope this plan will never gain momentum.

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