Bigfoot DNA

Q. Why do bigfoot DNA samples have modern female DNA and unknown male DNA?

A. The nature of DNA testing is still in its infancy and limits itself to testing just for male and female human DNA. The reality is that DNA is more complicated than that.

Certainly, there is both male and female human components to DNA but, without going too far into the subject, female DNA is present and is assumed to be modern human female DNA. But, in the case of bigfoot, it is female but not human DNA.

It is the testing limits that fails to differentiate between modern female DNA and female DNA from other humanoid species.  As far as the testing reveals, the methods used just reveal female human DNA and is not subtle enough to differentiate between the different types of female DNA.

The truth is that bigfoot is a close relative of man but the females used to procreate were never modern human women.

We hope that, as DNA testing progresses, the slight differences will reveal that a creature can have human female DNA without necessarily being modern human.

In the case of male DNA, the reason that it is said to be unknown is quite simply that the male DNA is sufficiently remote from human DNA as to be said to be unknown. Once again, as DNA testing progresses, the slight resemblance to modern man will be discovered and the male DNA will become part of the gene pool.

So, bigfoot is a cousin of humans with differences in their DNA that remains, for the moment, a mystery to scientists.

Science is very reluctant to rewrite the textbooks so the obvious truth concerning the existence of bigfoot is denied.

This, in turn, blocks the advance of DNA testing as any evidence of human DNA is considered to be modern human and the difference in the male DNA is considered to be of an unknown species. This falsehood will collapse eventually when scientists overcome their egos sufficiently to recognize the truth that is staring them in their faces.

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