Black Eyed Children

Black eyed children are quite simply a low powered demonic force that has been summonsed by black magicians in an experiment to destabilize humanity as we move into the light of God flooding the galaxy.

The idea was created, not so much to have a few people possessed but to make these events public and frighten the general public.  Fear is food for Archons.

These creatures are thought forms that black magicians create that assume a sort of physical reality for a few minutes.

So they appear solid but are, in fact, thought forms of a very negative nature.

This experiment which was promoted by evil people that you call the Cabal, is having a certain success as the knowledge concerning them is made public and is thus causing a certain degree of  fear.

But, quite simply, the black eyed children are a demonic force that assumes the form of these children.

The reason that they have black eyes is that the eye is a window into the soul and as these evil forms do not have a soul, their eyes cannot be made.  Thus the eye is lacking and is just a black area.

It is lack of any spiritual light that shines in the eye.

If there is no soul, there can be no eye.

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