Burst of Energy – The Event

I would ask you to forget all this wave of energy nonsense that is going to change your DNA.

Life is not like that. There is a gradual but inexorable change happening – for the good. It started in earnest in 2012 and will go on for many hundreds of thousands of years. The change of time line has already happened – we are on the positive one now and will stay on it for a long, long time. If you are a good, positive, kind person, you are already on this new timeline, your DNA is gradually being activated – the junk DNA that is actually spiritual energy but was dormant. Now, slowly, it is being activated.

So, don’t expect some overnight activation. It is up to you to allow this positive energy to come into you all the time and allow it, gradually, to fill you, to awaken you to become who you should be, an image of God. Ascension is actually the act of you gradually getting rid of your faults. As you do this, spiritual energy pours in to replace the void.


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