Caligula & Nero

Studying history can be difficult because sometimes the “official” recording of history is not always accurate, & peoples biases play such a big role. I would love it if you, the GWB or the akashic records could clear the air about Caligula & Nero, if you may? – Two emperors whom history has not been kind to. Obviously being head of a Military isn’t the most spiritual thing in the world, but were they quite as sadistic as they are so commonly described?

I am sorry but there is no point in me asking. To ask if these people were as sadistic as history portrays would be to ask the GWB to criticize them (if you understand). The GWB never criticize anyone.
Whatever crimes these people committed – or not – they would vibrate to a certain frequency, as do we all.
By the law of mutual attraction, they would be drawn to a level of heaven or hell corresponding their frequency – as will we all.
So, they are somewhere that corresponds to their actions whilst incarnate.
If they were cruel, they are in hell paying for their crimes.
If they were not evil, they will be in Summerland.

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