How Can We Be Certain That We Go To Heaven

Q: Bob Sanders Thank you for your answer. But how can we be certain that we can go to heaven? I mean what are the criteria of a good or a bad person. Because I have some things holding me back in my life but I am 95% good approximately. Do I have to be like 100% to go to heaven or it doesn’t work like that? You get my point?

A: I understand your question.
If I may, I will try to explain.  It is quite simple.
I have spoken to a number of the GWB all, incidentally, who had incarnations just as you and I are experiencing.  All those that I have spoken to told me that they were far from perfect and, when here on Earth, did some things wrong.  But none of them went to hell.

I don’t know if you have met a truly evil person?
They are few and far between but there are some.
I can only say, honestly, that I have met only one true psychopath and he is now in the depths of hell.  But none of us are perfect – present company excluded, LOL -.  We come here because we are not perfect.  If we were perfect, there would be no point in coming here.
We come here to experience and learn.

But here is the thing.  The things that you did wrong, the people or animals you hurt, the hurtful things that you said, are you sorry that you did and said those things or are you filled will pride and pleasure at the thoughts of the hurt and harm you caused?

Most of us are sorry for the harm that we caused, both intentionally or accidentally and wished that we had not caused that harm.
A true psychopath is glad, proud, happy for the harm that he caused in order to push forward his own ideas or agenda.
That is the difference.

Now, when we “die” and go to heaven we have what is called a life review.
We see all that we did, both the good and the bad.
We see the good we were able to do and we see the hurt that we caused.
So, we need, at that point to make a decision.
Are we sad at the harm that we caused and wished we had not done it or are we glad, happy we were able to stamp on people that got in our way.
If we are sad, we forgive ourselves and our sins are forgiven.
If we are glad of the harm we caused, then we have to visit hell.
It is actually a matter of mutual attraction.
Good people are drawn to the light and evil people are drawn to darkness.

So, that, in brief is what it is all about.
You are a good person who, like all of us, made a few mistakes but is not an evil person.  So, you have nothing to worry about.

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