Can We Become Like Jesus?

Hi, if Bobs information is correct, when he mentioned that Jesus was more of a messenger, just like the higher beings which contact him with all this information.
Why then, did Jesus tell us that he was the son of God or one with God or one and the same with the father, the son and the holy ghost, i.e. the trinity, 3 persons in one, God.

I mean, why would he say all that, when he would not mislead us, being a perfect example of a human being? Why didn’t he simply say, I am a messenger of God, here to teach us?
Perhaps Bob could answer this?

I don’t disagree with you. I made the point that Jesus, the man, and Jesus the Christ spirit – are two different things.
Jesus, the man, was a wonderful prophet, who has achieved enlightenment.
This enabled him to act as Jesus the Christ spirit – a complete person.
Where we go wrong, is that we can’t understand that we all have this ability to become the Christ spirit.

Jesus made it perfectly clear in his teachings, that we could all become like him.
It is the church that has constructed this barrier between us and the Christ spirit, to make us think that we can never be like him
But Jesus made it clear, that we could become like him – a perfect being.

So, both Jesus and us, become aware of, and attached to, God (our father, the creator of all, our higher self and the holy “ghost” which is our connection of our physical bodies to our higher self).

It is difficult to comprehend at first but you have these three things in you, just waiting for you to allow them to come into fruition.

You have the father – God, the son – higher mind (which is your personal aspect of God), and the Holy Ghost – the connection to your higher mind.

That is what I was trying to explain.

That is what Jesus was trying to explain.

Thank you,
Bob Sanders

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