Changing Your Reality

If you wish to experiment with changing your reality that is your affair.
All I will say is this.
When you change a reality, it can be for the better or for the worse.
In other words, a sort of black or white magic.
Now, black magic involves changing things to help yourself.
White magic involves changing things to help others.
So, if you try to change your life to make it better for you – that is a form of black magic.
If you try to change things to help others, ignoring yourself, that is white magic.
So be careful when trying to change reality. You might be going down the wrong road.

Thanks for the advice. I just have one question. Don’t you need to help yourself in order to help others? Just like on an airplane that loses compression, you need to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others because if you pass out then you can’t help anyone. Doesn’t that apply to life in general? How can I help my family for example if I’m broke and unhealthy? I would be much better service to the world if I am fit and wealthy. I’m using these as examples not directly my personal life, but that describes my logic. I guess the answer is that if I help others, I will too be helped. The world says one thing and spirituality says another. This place is annoying…

Jesus said it: ‘As you sow, so shall ye reap.’ Think about this.
Two farmers each with a handful of corn. One throws the corn on the ground and walks away and ignores the site.
The second prepares the ground, carefully sows the grains, waters them and weeds the site.
The first will reap a very poor harvest but the second will reap a bountiful harvest.
So, think of grains of corn as people or animals.
If you ignore people, life will pay you back poorly. If you put all your love into caring for others, life will give you a bountiful harvest.
That is the message that Jesus gave us. It was true then and is true today.
Don’t try directly to get the things you need – that is what black magicians do – but care for others and life will care for you. That is white magic, if I may thus put it. It is not magic. It is God looking after his own.

If I may say, one of the problems that we have in changing realities is to believe that the world you see around you is real – it isn’t.
Now, if it was real, I agree that there would only be one reality for all of us and we would all be stuck with that reality. We are constantly being told that this life is real and politicians tell us to follow them as they try to take us ever deeper into chaos.
But, the truth is that the chaos that politicians create is only a form of reality created by them.
Each and every one of us is constantly creating our own reality. That is why your life is not the same as mine.
So, you don’t have to follow the reality created by crazed politicians.
Create the reality in your mind that you want and maintain that image at all costs, rejecting anything that tries to contradict the reality you want and, bit by bit, it will become your reality.
Unbelievable as it seems you can be standing next to someone and that person might be experiencing a living hell while you are living in peace and love.
This is actually how life is.
So, decide the life you want and hang on to that concept and you will find that it becomes your reality.

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