These so-called “chemtrails” are, in fact, a mixture of a number of different elements, some harmful to life and some not.
It is not a deliberate plan to harm people. The harmful effects are just a side effect of the products used.

In fact, the purpose of these chemtrails is to coat the sky with a film of products that can be used to detect the passing through the film by alien craft.

It is hoped to be a means of early warning of any alien craft (UFO), either visible or invisible which will cause a disturbance in the film which can be detected by specially designed instruments either on the ground or in satellites.

So, the government spray heavily those areas that have the greatest UFO activity.

At the moment, the spraying is not achieving the results hoped for and so, the scientists conducting the experiment change the materials used from time to time.

It is unfortunate that some of the chemicals used are harmful to the fauna and flora of Earth, but we hope that the project will be abandoned soon as it will never work.

It will not be possible to cover a vast amount of sky with a film capable of detecting any passage through it and, obviously, the alien visitors can just find another part of the sky where there is no film.

It is a childish attempt to provide warning of “Alien Invasion” which will never happen anyway.

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