Climate Change

The change in the climate is a natural event and is, in part, due to the spiritual power flowing towards the planet.
The result of this God Power is increased light.
Light tends to vibrate the atoms of air surrounding the planet which results in increased heat, rather like a microwave oven.
The cabal seized on this and used the knowledge as a means of creating more limitation on freedom of action by man and also as a means of extracting more money from people.
Obviously, man plays a part in this global warming but it is a natural event.

This warming will continue and ice at the poles will continue to melt.

The result will be a slight rise in sea levels and, unfortunately, the extinction of certain species of animals that cannot adapt to the change.
Animals like polar bears are limited in their capacity to survive because much land is occupied by man and so there is very little space for bears to move to.
This seems sad but is the natural result of change.  Change is the only constant and we must accept that it sometimes seems negative to us.
But most species will learn to adapt to warmer climates so the negative effect on man and beast will be very limited.


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