Collective & Individual Realities – Including Background People

We would like to say that there are at least two sorts of realities.  The individual realities that we create as separate entities, and collective reality that is fabricated by common accord between masses of people.
Now, obviously, reality is a lot more complicated than having just the two distinct types of thoughts.
Although each and every person has his individual appreciation of life and thus creates his individual reality, there is a great deal of overlapping of concepts between different people’s thoughts.
Equally, collective consciousness can be more complicated than we presented above.
Just as no two people think identically, so no two people contributing to collective reality would think exactly the same and thus would add a variant to the collective reality.
Also, it must be said that there may be more than one version of a collective reality.  On the same subject we can have opposite collective realities: Does God exist, is the Earth flat, which political party is the best and so on.

So, to answer the questions that your friend posed, we would say that, of course – as we have already stated – we all create our own realities but those created realities can also be affected if we incorporate other people’s ideas of reality into our own.
Thus reality is a constantly changing event as we incorporate or reject ideas from our original reality.  Therefore reality that we perceive is somewhat fluid.

Each individual person exists as a separate entity but, because we are all one, we are all connected.
But we will also say that each person, through imagination, also creates an image of others that may or may not resemble closely the physical features of that person or may or may not resemble the true personalities of others.

Background people we have already mentioned and were described in a video made that included that subject.
However, to clarify and confirm.  People that we observe as we go about our daily rounds are real people in their own right but, if we don’t know them, are not included in our imagined reality more than us  just noticing that they are close to us physically.
It would be very confusing if we identified with each and every person we saw each day so our sense of reality selects, from that mass of people, only those that have some real connection to us: family, friends and other acquaintances.  All others remain on the exterior of our consciousness.  Thus we call them background people.  We could refer to them as shadow people but that would cause confusion with a collective conscious thought form that already bears that name.

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