Correcting DNA Mutilations

There are two aspects to all living things. The physical aspect and the non-physical or spiritual aspect.

The physical aspect (body) of anything alive is just the end result of affairs being manipulated in much higher levels of the non-physical.

Therefore, if scientists mess about with the genes of a fly at the physical level, the Archangelic beings immediately notice that something is not right and take steps to rectify the situation.

The Archangelic beings are monitoring the situation of that fly billions of times a second and make minute adjustments to bring the life plan of that fly back to what it should be.

But to fully rectify what the scientists did may take a certain time and quite a large amount of adjustment of the DNA at very high levels, before it fully works through to the physical level. Thus, in the case of a fly, a number of generations may pass before the rectifications made by the Archangels in the spiritual realms work through to the physical.


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