Create The Reality You Want

The trick is to create the reality you want.
Now, I can’t create your reality for you but I will tell you how I live.
I almost never watch TV. I never listen to adverts – I turn the sound off when adverts come on if I am watching anything on TV.
I never give in to the constant gloom and doom that the news people put out either on TV, newspapers or internet.
I never get involved in all this WW3 nonsense that people are pushing.
I know that WW3 will not happen so there is no need to even think about it.
I thank God that there is peace in the world – at least in the world that surrounds me – and there is.
All that other people have created for themselves, is not my concern.
If we all lived like that, there would be peace everywhere. Don’t ever forget that you create your own reality and if you want to live in a world where there is death and destruction, there will be.
So, reject it all. Create a feeling of peace and forgiveness within you and you will change the world.
It may sound like fiction but is fact.
You create the world you live in.
Together we can create a world of peace just as, together, we are creating chaos.
Stop getting involved with all this negative influence. You don’t have to listen to it so don’t.

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